Monday 21 November 2016

4 million views on Seemorerocks

I reached a milestone overnight – 4 million views on Seemorerocks.

This coincides with the visit of Guy McPherson to New Zealand who touches down in a couple of days.

I have also been at this every day (sometimes for many hours) for the lat 5 years and 7 months.

When I started my main focus was on resilience in the face of the numerous disasters which face us.

Back then climate change was not foremost in my mind. We hadn’t even heard of positive feedbacks and it was not obvious to most of us that we were rapidly entering a climate emergency.

It is amazing how much has changed in that times; and how little it has changed.

Many things that were predicted are now coming to pass (especially as it relates to decline of Empire)

During that time I have seen my health decline and so personal resilience has gone out the window.

Things are coming together in such a way that I am having to radically reassess many aspects of my life and that includes this blog.

I cannot continue to spend so much time collecting stories which when I look at them largely repeat themselves.

No doubt I will be writing on this in the next little while between now and the end of the year.

May I finish with sincere thanks for all the support people have shown by tuning into this blog on a regular basis. 

A milestone: Seemorerocks reaches 4 million views

I am reposting this article which at 23,400 views was the most-read item I have posted on this blog.
How to bear the unbearable?

It is beyond my ability to find the words to describe the pain and distress this picture evokes in me.  It break my heart to look at it but look I must.

For me this bear is emblematic for all life on the planet - all birds, mammals, fish and invertebrates - that are being destroyed by abrupt climate change unleashed on this world in a mad, suicidal quest for Infinite Growth.

It is this picture that the likes of Stephen Harper and his cronies does not want you to see. For him the destruction of this bear and all members of his species is a perfectly acceptable price to pay to keep going a paradigm that is dead but does not know it yet.

This image does not, alas, evoke tears in me but I feel a deep pain at the core of my Being that I am learning to live with and make peace with.

How to bear the unbearable?


For all the doubting thomases who have been hiding out somewhere and failed to notice that the planet is rapidly warming (see other stories on this blog) and think that the photo was photoshopped, or the bear is sick this is not the case.

If you want to see the original story GO HERE

For those who believe that Stephen Harper Is not responsible and someone else (the Chinese, Putin, or whoever) I will simply point their attention to the tarsands and to the fact that scientists doing research on the plight of the polar bears are being muzzled and the results of their research suppressed


  1. How can we keep our health while watching/feeling the pain of despair?

  2. Congratulations on hitting 4 million.

    Keep up the good work!


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