Thursday 30 January 2014

Hot Particles in San Francisco

Live in San Francisco? You, Your dog, And Your Kids Inhaled Billions Of Radioactive Plutonium Atoms

29 January, 2014

The title of the video above: Live in San Francisco? You (and your dog) Inhaled 75 MILLION Plutonium Atoms In Just 4 days

People, kids (and dogs) living in San Francisco inhaled 75 million plutonium atoms or 'hot' particles in just 4 days, according to PorterBlog analysis of EPA data. This data is VERY conservative, and is based on a 1 second inhalation/exhalation with no particles sticking in the lungs, which is not realistic, and is discounted by a huge factor. No one breathes in and out in just one second.

Remember that these dozens of different types of invisible radioactive gases and particles came out of Fukushima for MONTHS, not just 4 days. So you can safely multiply these figures by 2 for a one week period, (150 Million) then again by 4 for one month, (600 million) then again by 2 or 3 for the several months (1,800 million) because Fukushima was on fire, exploding, leaking and steaming with larger amounts of radiation for months after 3/11, not just for 4 days. As a matter of fact, Fukushima is still spewing hot particles today, and unit #3 is still steaming, out of control, and highly radioactive water is still being dumped or leaked into the ocean at a rate of 400 tons per day, or more. 

Remember also, that this analysis is only counting ONE radioactive element, and there were many more. Now you can multiply the above by the number of different radioactive elements. Let's say we multiply this one element by at least a very conservative 1,000, to count for a portion of the 1,946 radioactive elements that are documented to come out of nuclear accidents? Read about just one other radioactive element; namely Xenon, via the link below. 

Radioactive Xenon Gas; Dangerous And Lung Cancer Causing Isotope; via A Green Road

1,946 Lethal Radioactive Man Made Isotopes Are Created By Nuclear Plants And Atomic Bombs; via @AGreenRoad

What effect will this plutonium, iodine, strontium, uranium, xenon and 1,940 other toxic, radioactive elements that came out of Fukushima have on your children, and your grandchildren, and your pets? Time will tell, but the effects seem to be showing up in our wild ocean companions on this planet, via die offs of star fish, herring, seals, larger fish, birds, and sickened sore covered hair losing polar bears, seals and walruses. 

Add this up; we are now up to 1,800 million atoms times 1,000. So a total of 180,000 million radioactive element atoms were breathed in by an average child, pet and adult in San Francisco and quite possibly by everyone in the USA. Who wants to convert these atoms to a radiation dose, or convert it to a microgram of plutonium, via the comments section below? We will add this information into the article later, as we learn more...


Quantity of Plutonium that an Atomic Radiation Worker
and the Public may Inhale to Reach their Respective Limits

Dear Ms. Ostling:

The Atomic Energy Control Board (AECB) does not set maximum permissible quantities of radionuclides for workers or the public. Regulatory protection criteria are expressed in terms of effective dose limits.

In this context, we understand your question to mean: "What is the quantity of plutonium oxide, if inhaled, would give rise to an effective dose of 50 mSv [ millisieverts ] to a worker or 5 mSv to a member of the public?"

As the result of an intake, these doses will be received over 50 years by a worker and over a period ending at age 70 by a member of the public. These calculations have been made for insoluble (in lung fluid) plutonium oxide of 1 micrometer size. These assumptions are very conservative (restrictive); in other words the worst case scenario has been assumed.

1.4 micrograms for 50 mSv committed effective dose
(over 50 years after intake)
0.1 microgram for 5 mSv committed effective dose
(up to age 70)"

The link below also shows the toxicity and lethality of plutonium when applied to human beings.

The numbers presented in the video are very conservative, because the EPA radiation detection network was turned off in the worst hit radiation areas, at the very times and days when the worst of the radiation plume was coming over them. 

What right does the nuclear industry have to perform this radiation experiment on millions, possibly billions of people on planet Earth?

What is the take away? Massive amounts of plutonium and other radioactive elements were released from Fukushima. Everyone in the northern hemisphere breathed at least some of these things in. 

Here are some medical and scientific studies to give you some possible ideas of what effects we may see in the near future, as the incubation periods run out on the plutonium, strontium, iodine, and other radioactive elements that everyone breathed in, and are now eating, and drinking via Fukushima contaminated foods and drinks....

Dog Studies And Inhaled Plutonium Radiation Effects; via @AGreenRoad

Take care of your family, protect your pets, and do what you can to make sure that the nuclear industry is shut down and cannot do this to anyone, ever again. All nuclear power planets need to be shut down, as soon as possible.


Live in San Francisco? You, Your dog, And Your Kids Inhaled Billions Of Radioactive Plutonium Atoms; via @AGreenRoad

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