Thursday 30 January 2014

California's drought

California Drought And The U.S. Food Supply
The drought emergency in California, and what it may mean for the nation’s food supply.

With the edge of Folsom Lake, Calif., more than 100 yards away, Gina, 8, left, and Sydney, 9, Gerety walk on rocks that are usually at the waters edge, Thursday Jan. 9, 2014. Gov. Jerry Brown said he would meet Thursday with his recently formed drought task force to determine if an emergency declaration is necessary as California faces a serious water shortage. Reservoirs in the state have dipped to historic lows after one of the driest calendar years on record. (AP)

27 January, 2014

They are praying for rain in California. And facing drought. A drought emergency, Governor Jerry Brown declared last week. Worst in years. Winter weather so warm you’ve got a confused bear wandering through skiers on the slopes last week. So dry that farmers are thinning herds and letting fields go fallow. Wondering which crops to lose. Up in the Sierra Nevada, only 20 percent of the normal snow pack. Less to melt, less to drink. It’s just dry. This hour On Point: fire, food, climate and the drought emergency in California.s

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