Thursday 30 January 2014

Fukushima update - 01/29/2014

NHK: Experts ‘shocked’ by what they saw in video of Reactor 1
  •  Radioactive water flowing down side of containment vessel 
  • ‘Fukushima Daiichi’s hidden crisis’

29 January, 2013

NHK’s Nuclear Watch, Jan. 29, 2014 (at 3:30 in): The device transmitted back these images [from Reactor 1] showing radioactive water flowing down the side of the containment vessel [and] contaminated water was gushing out of a broken pipe. Experts analyzed the video and were shocked by what they saw. […] The space between the metal containment vessel and the concrete that surrounds it is only 5 cm

that makes it hard for engineers to get a picture of the [plug?] so they can figure out how to fix it. Managers of Fukushima Daiichi need to find out where radioactive water is coming from in order to proceed with the decommissioning the process. But they are faced with an uphill battle, one that underscores the difficulty of the decommissioning process.

Hiroshi Miyano, professor at Hosei University: It will be extremely difficult to pinpoint the leaks.
NHK: We’ll be giving you a more detailed look at the contaminated water issue at Fukushima Daiichi this weekend on NHK World. Don’t miss our program ‘Radioactive Water: Fukushima Daiichi’s hidden crisis’.

01:14 AM EST on January 29th, 2014 | 97 comments

TV: “Discreet accidents” took place at Fukushima that released radioactive material into Pacific Ocean over course of summer (VIDEO)

10:32 PM EST on January 28th, 2014 | 51 comments

Scientist back from Japan: I’ve seen data showing highest radioactivity levels in ocean that have been observed recently — NHK: Nuclear waste may be leaking “directly from buildings” not only going into groundwater via tunnels (VIDEOS)

AGreenRoad - Thunderfoot Fukushima Fallout Is Harmless Claims Debunked

Thunderfoot issued a video claiming that Fukushima was mostly harmless and that iodine radiation released was safe, because iodine is found in seaweed.

For a scientist to make wild claims like this is not new, because the nuclear industry tries to minimize, deny, confuse and delay when nothing else works, after every nuclear disaster.

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