Monday 27 January 2014

Developments in Kiev

Earlier Ukrainian president, Yanukovich, offered some concessions to the Opposition

Ukraine president offers opposition leader PM post, agrees to change Constitution

The country's president, Viktor Yanukovich, has invited a leader of the opposition to become prime minister, in a bid to quell anti-government unrest. Let's get more on this surprise turn-around from RT's Peter Oliver in Kiev. To talk more on what's happening in Ukraine, let's cross live to international relations expert Mikhail Molchanov from St.Thomas University, joining me from Canada

But this was turned down - the Opposition demands snap elections

Kiev Face-Off: Ukraine opposition urges snap elections, refuses president's offer


Opposition leaders called for an early presidential election following a Saturday meeting with the government, where top government posts were offered to protest leaders and a review of the constitution was promised. Around two hundred policemen, besieged in a convention center in Kiev, have been allowed to leave the building. RT's Peter Oliver has more from Kiev

This is the latest news

Kiev rioter seize Justice Ministry building

Sunday, January 26, 22:44 GMT:

The Ukrainian capital has been gripped by weeks of anti-government protests which have seen violent clashes between rioters and police. Unrest is also spreading beyond Kiev as the opposition and government struggle to end the crisis.

Local media reported that no one was hurt during the seizure of the building of the Justice Ministry in central Kiev. Following the incident, political organization Obchee Delo claimed responsibility, posting a message on their Facebook profile.

22:30 GMT:

The building of Justice Ministry occupied by protesters:

Here is coverage by al-Jazeera. The EU seems to be in favour of revolution so long as it is not in their own countries and furthers their strategic interests

Thousands mourn Ukraine protester amid unrest

Thousands mourn Ukraine protester amid unrest Police have again clashed with protesters in Ukraine after opposition leaders rejected an power-sharing deal with the country's president.

Huge crowds have again filled the streets of Ukraine's capital, Kiev, mourning the death of an anti-government protester.The student, from Belarus, was one of three demonstrators to die during clashes in the city last week. 

Opposition groups insist they won't stop campaigning, until President Viktor Yanukovich


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