Thursday 30 January 2014

"Fukushima radiation is harmless" debunked

AGreenRoad - Thunderfoot Fukushima Fallout Is Harmless Claims Debunked

Thunderfoot issued a video claiming that Fukushima was mostly harmless and that iodine radiation released was safe, because iodine is found in seaweed.

For a scientist to make wild claims like this is not new, because the nuclear industry tries to minimize, deny, confuse and delay when nothing else works, after every nuclear disaster.


  1. Why are you displaying a map of Xenon gas, and noble (unreactive) gas?

  2. ....You realise anyone who works in science is a scientist."For a scientist to make wild claims..." That's like saying "For a person to make wild claims like this is not new..." It just says that someone who happens to be in science sometimes make claims that aren't true (like you are right now with your Xenon gas map). It makes you sound like an idiot.


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