Sunday 26 January 2014

Fascism in Japan

Information on Fukushima from Japan dries up

In an excellent piece on Fukushima, Wayne Brittenden from Radio New Zealand touches on how the recent secrecy law in Japan has had a chilling effect on scientists and journalists alike.

He mentions Dr.Tatsuhiko Kodama, who made some very direct criticisms of Tepco and the Japanese government in a speech to the Diet 2 years ago

Wayne Brittenden points out that he has not been heard from for 10 months. 

When he tried to contact Dr. Kodama at his institute he was told that Prof Kodama would be busy for some time, and would he like to email someone else who could answer his inquiries.

When he tried to contact alternative sources they professed never to have heard of Dr. Kodama.

In his interview, Arnie Gundersen said that he is afraid to go back to Japan, but that he has not been subject to any pressure in the United States.

All his contacts in Japan are now reluctant to pass him information.

This was the experience of people from the West who tried to contact people in Stalinist Russia. In that case the person was usually a victim of the Stalinist purges.

For people in Japan it is back to the 1930's.

Here is the original Radio NZ interview

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