Monday 24 August 2020

Thoughts and reflections on the melting sea ice

I have thrown away all attempts to be “objective” and deal just with the latest data and owned to my own subectivity as I contemplate just what the near-disappearance of the ice at the North Pole.

There are a SERIES of storms in the Arctic forecast that may destroy what remains of the ice.

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Thoughts and reflections on the melting sea ice

Making this movie has been a sort of catharsis for me as I have thrown off 

the attempt to be just an impartial observer looking at data and owning to 

my own subjectivity.

I realise that I fall within a minority within a minority and my comments may 

please very few because I try to avoid Group Think and reach my own 

conclusions by looking at what seems to be contradictory information.

I also share, at the end of the video, my own reflections on how I cope and 

how my response is educated and underpinned by my spiritual beliefs and 



Expedition shares scary photos from the North Pole


Scientists on Arctic mission make unplanned detour to 


Climate change: Historic Arctic heatwave has thawed North Pole so 

much it's shattered



Arctic ocean moorings shed light on winter sea ice loss

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