Thursday 27 August 2020

Looking at the new revolution in the USA

I made this video yesterday, trying to make sense of events in Kenosha, Wisconsin. That was before the shooting last night.

Making sense of Kenosha from half a world away 

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  1. Another rightwing shooter kills 2. What's that make the body count score Robin? Antifa/left still at zero murders. Rightwing nuts = hundreds in the last decade. How is it you have been convinced & promote the American left is evil incarnate when they have yet to murder anyone & you promote rightwing hysterics when it's crystal clear that they are the murderers? You are in deep denial & have been TOTALLY duped by their hyper emotive propaganda. I despise Americans, but I can read stats & count bodies & it's no coincidence the murderers are also gun nuts. How could you not have noticed?


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