Tuesday 25 August 2020

Portland: have the rioters won?





 Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The Willamette Week reports that most of the 550 cases of protest criminal acts will be dropped by newly appointed Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt. Of the 550 cases, 47 will be followed up for prosecution with another 86 cases pending.

Although it will take a while to examine how this plays out, here are some early indicators.

It appears from the District Attorney that charges involving “resisting arrest” seems to be among the most common charges to be dropped.

Charges will be dropped because the DA implies that people naturally commit crimes if they’ve been tear gassed and it really is the police’s fault. The logic is law enforcement’s attempt to stop a riot is enough excuse for people to create a riot because they can’t help themselves.

OPB reports, District Attorney Mike Schmidt saying, “I’d be baking in some more restorative justice. And maybe even more community involvement in the resolution of these cases … to kind of honor the fact that they were there protesting and wanting to be heard. And then creating a venue where they could do that as part of some sort of negotiated dismissal.”

This means that if you commit a crime, the District Attorney will give a chance for your politics to be heard.

This wholesale forgiveness of protestors committing violent acts in the middle of Portland involving some of the worst and most persistent rioting in the nation’s modern history will be a dangerous sign to commit more violence.

Because a lot of the rioters are people from other states who travel here to cause damage, the dropped charges will only increase riot tourism in Portland.

This decisions acts like a license to riot and to commit violence which is only increasing in Portland.


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