Sunday 23 August 2020

Are (some) climate scientists OBTUSE or paid disinformation agents?

 Days after MOSAiC revealed thin, slushy ice at the NORTH POLE the usual suspects are STILL putting out their tired old mantra.

I really do have to wonder.

Days after the report from the MOSAiC expedition and their pictures of thin, slushy ice right to the NORTH POLE these people are still repeating their mantra.

How is it that a lowly "citizen scientist"and blogger can see through it?!

A question to the experts. If I have two puddles of water the 

same size, one with 2 inches of intact ice, the other with little 

pieces of ice (although more than 10% in volume) do I treat 

these as equal?

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  1. I think their jobs ard at risk if they say too much. Schools sell a bright future and there isnt one.


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