Saturday 29 August 2020

The speaker of the House, Trevor Mallard goes full suppression

 Jami Lee Ross & Billy TK Forced to take down Forced Vaccines video?

NZ Election 2020: Jami-Lee Ross' misleading conspiracy video referred to Privileges Committee

The Speaker has referred independent MP Jami-Lee Ross to the Privileges Committee for misusing edited parliamentary TV video for political ads.

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Independent MP Jami-Lee Ross describes the Speaker's action as a "draconian measure". Photo: RNZ / Dan Cook

Trevor Mallard ordered the anti-vaccination video - posted by Ross's party and that of Billy Te Kahika's NZ Public Party - to be removed from social media, but that's been met with a blunt refusal.

Parliamentary footage of an exchange between government minister Megan Woods and National's Erica Stanford was edited for use in the political ad, posted on several sites.

Mallard considers it a potential breach of privilege and has referred it to Parliament's Privileges Committee - which has an extensive range of powers to censure MPs.

It has a few days to at least consider the complaint, before deciding how and when to handle it. That means its members will have to get together (and that could be by video) by early next week.

The committee is currently chaired by the Labour Party's David Parker, with the National Party's Gerry Brownlee as deputy, but ceases to exist once Parliament dissolves on 6 September.

In a statement, Ross describes the Speaker's action as a "draconian measure... to try [to] censor a political party's videos in the middle of an Election campaign".

"Billy Te Kahika and I will keep ruffling feathers and challenging the establishment," he says.

"We will not blindly accept the Speaker's direction, and we will confront head on whatever Privileges Committee process lies ahead."

The news outlet AFP has produced a critical fact check of the video, describing it as "misleading" and as making "false claims".

This is my video from last night

The media is saying here, in defence of their contention that the NZPP video is false that Ashley Bloomfield has put it on record that there would be no forced vaccinations.

But as you can see here he has also put something else on record previously, saying that face masks do not really provide protection and elsewhere the Prime Minister earlier said they were recommended but not to be made mandatory.

Well, what happened next? On 24 August, face masks were made mandatory in public transportation.

Are we going to continue take the government and the media scribes at their word?

Here is Jacinda Adern talking about face masks back in March.

It could be said (and will be said) that “we know more about the virus now than we did then”.


Back in March the virus looked very deadly. It was the time when Neil Ferguson of Imperial College was making dire prediuctions of 1 million deaths which he then 'wound back' and before the WHO declared covid-19 a “pandemic”.

It was also the time when the government was crowing about “zero cases” - BEFORE it took its marching orders from the WHO.

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