Thursday 20 August 2020

Paul Beckwith on Arctic ice

 Arctic Sea Ice Status Update, and a Tragedy in Greenland.

Paul Beckwith

We are 4-5 weeks away from our yearly Arctic Sea Ice mid-September minimum. I chat on present Arctic sea ice status and loss trends. Gone are days of thick, solid, contiguous ice. We now have a regime where sea ice is fractured, broken, thin, and easily jostled around by wind, ocean currents, and waves. Sensors measuring ice extent, area, and thickness struggle to provide accurate info in this new fractured regime. 

I also discuss the extremely sad, tragic loss of Swiss glaciologist Konrad Steffen in a Greenland crevasse.

Fractured, Thin, Broken Arctic Sea Ice Subject to Mercy of Wind, Waves, Ocean Currents, and Sun

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