Friday 28 August 2020

Behind the shooting in Kenosha

 Everyone on Facebook is rushing to judgement (every commenter knows best, usually based on prejudice and zero evidence.

This footage was pointed out to me. It has been restricted by You Tube and may not stay around for long.

I am posting it here so people can make up their own minds.

This is, of course, very slanted but gives a contrary view to the mainstream media. I neither endorse it, nor do I not.

The language is pro-cop, pro-gun (which does not resonate with me) and somewhat incendiary but I suspect that the actual evidence is probably correct.

FIGHT for your LIFE: Stunning video shows moment armed security man had to shoot multiple rioters from the ground or be beaten to death by Black Lives Matter thugs

Image: FIGHT for your LIFE: Stunning video shows moment armed security man had to shoot multiple rioters from the ground or be beaten to death by Black Lives Matter thugs

25 August, 2020

(Natural News) We have a stunning video that was captured last night by Brendan Gutenschwager and tweeted by Andy Ngo. It shows the stunning moments in which a young security man with a semi-auto rifle is forced to defend his life by shooting multiple Black Lives Matter attackers who clearly intended to beat him to death.

This video is highly instructive, and we have analyzed it frame by frame, adding markings to illustrate what was actually taking place (see photos below).

We don’t yet know the full context of this shooting, but according to multiple reports, the young man with the rifle was running security to try to protect private property from the arson and looting attacks of the Black Lives Matter terrorists.

At one point, he was being chased down the street by multiple Black Lives Matter terrorists who were clearly intent on beating him to death. For a reason we don’t yet understand, he tripped and fell to the pavement. Once he was on the ground, BLM terrorists rushed in to try to kill him, which is of course what Black Lives Matter stands for: Burn, Loot and Murder. (Which is why Apple, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, McDonald’s and hundreds of other corporations openly support BLM, because these corporations now hate America and provide financial support for mass violence.)

This is where the video provides a stunning account of what happens next.

Watch the video here, then see the frame-by-frame analysis below:

From a seated position on the pavement, this armed security man realizes he’s about to be overrun by three to four Black Lives Matter thugs who are going to beat him to death. He has less than a second to begin firing in self-defense, or he will be killed.

First, he gains control of his rifle and attains a seated position. Then, as the first BLM thug attempts to trample him, he fires the first shot into a BLM thug. It’s not clear whether this shot hits the thug or misses him, but it clearly convinces the attacker to flee as you will see in subsequent frames.

Now a second thug wielding a skateboard assaults the security man with the rifle, bashing him with the skateboard as he’s on the ground. Note that the previous attacking thug is now on the ground to the left, after being shot at.

At this point, it appears the security man with the rifle manages to get a shot off at the skateboard attacker, even after being bashed in the neck with the skateboard. This skateboard attacker is later seen motionless, laying in the streets, so it appears he was shot and possibly killed.

Here’s another photo of the skateboard attacker bashing the rifle man on the ground. Here, you can see that the rifle, which is now clearly an AR-15 with a red dot sight, is on the ground and in his right hand. This photo really captures the “fight for your life” lesson in all this. If the security man didn’t shoot these attackers, he would clearly have been beaten to death:

Now the security man with the rifle sees another approaching BLM thug who is attempting to assault him, so he manages to rise to a seated position with both his legs out in front of him. You can fight from this position, as we will soon see. Note the original attacking thug is now fleeing to the left, and the skateboard attacker is about to collapse on the street.

Although it’s very difficult to see from this angle, the seated security man with the rifle now fires a round into the attacker, blowing apart the attacker’s right arm. The “gray mist” you see in the air is actually the flesh, bone and blood of the attacker’s right arm. That attacker was captured in other videos (not shown here) with a “spaghetti arm” blown apart by close range rifle fire. He was reportedly carrying a hand gun as well. Importantly, having his right arm nearly blown off caused this attacker to reconsider his actions and begin to flee while screaming “Medic!” That’s the whole point of shooting these BLM terrorists, of course. It’s the only way to reach their decision processing centers in their feeble, zombified brains. They do not understand logic, reason or the rule of law. They do understand having their arms shot off, however. It might be the only thing they understand.

Now the security man with the rifle uses a stiff-arm technique with his right arm, while holding his rifle in his left arm, to regain his footing in an effort to extricate himself from this “kill zone” of BLM thugs. The man he just shot in the arm is now rethinking his actions and fleeing. The skateboard attacker has now collapsed onto the ground to the left. Other bystanders who might have been attackers are now keeping their distance and rethinking their actions, giving the security man with the rifle an opportunity to save himself and exit the scene.

In this final frame, we see the security man with the rifle, backing away with his rifle in the attack position, ready to engage other would-be attackers. He is slowly walking backwards while removing himself from the kill zone. Note the skateboard attacker is still apparently motionless on the street, and the BLM thug who got his arm nearly blown off is no longer present in the scene (he is now seeking urgent medical attention, which removed him from the fight). Also note that all the other would-be attackers are maintaining their distance.

We’ve blurred this out to prevent you from puking, but here’s a close-up of the arm injury of the BLM thug who was shot in the arm. Naturally, this sort of injury causes people to reconsider their actions. Technically, by the way, this was the result of a desperate, lurching shot by the security man with the rifle. You never aim for arms, you aim for the torso. The fact that this guy got shot in the arm — only the arm — is actually his lucky day. A better placed shot would have severed his spine or shot him through the heart.


What we can all learn from this

There are so many lessons to learn from this. Note carefully that the security man with the rifle wasn’t engaged in a “mass shooting” … he only shot specific attackers who were threatening his life. This important fact will, of course, be completely ignored by the fake news media.

Here are at least ten other lessons to take away from this:

#1) The police won’t protect you. You are on your own.

#2) Never stop fighting for your life. Shoot to stop your attackers or they will kill you.

#3) Black Lives Matter terrorists can only be communicated with by shooting them. They are immune to all other forms of logic, reason or civility. The only way to reach their brains is to cause them intense trauma or pain, interrupting their violent assaults and hate-filled rage.

#4) America’s streets are now a war zone where the rule of law doesn’t exist at all. No police were present in this scene until after the shootings took place.

#5) Even if you are thrown to the ground, you can still fire your rifle (or pistol) from the ground, and push attackers back with rifle fire so that you can regain your mobility and exit the kill zone.

#6) BLM terrorists will mob rush you in numbers, meaning you will need sufficient skills to shoot multiple attackers in rapid succession. As you can see from this video, had the security man with the rifle been just half a second slower, he would now be dead.

#7) If you don’t know how to clear a jam, reload your rifle or run an AR-15 without having to look at the controls, you’re screwed. Practice until it becomes second nature.

#8) Merely shooting at people, even if you don’t hit them, will cause other would-be attackers to reconsider their own attacks. In this case, had the security man with the rifle not begun shooting at his immediate attackers, he likely would have been mobbed with 5-6 other attackers and beaten to death.

#9) Don’t live in a Democrat-controlled city or a Democrat-controlled state. If you do, no one will come to help you, since Democrats are treasonous criminals who are abolishing police and refusing to deploy the National Guard to protect innocent citizens.

#10) Use ballistic ammo / hollow point ammo, because FMJ ammo doesn’t produce the trauma that’s necessary to cause attackers to rethink their attacks. Just punching small holes in people with 5.56 ball ammo doesn’t accomplish much. You need to achieve much more aggressive forms of tissue damage through the use of ballistic ammo / hollow point / hunting rounds.

#11) Around six seconds into the video, it also appears that the security man with the rifle is clearing a jam or a misfeed of some kind. He does this smoothly and just in time. This underscores the extreme importance of rifle drills, including changing magazines, clearing jams, carrying a secondary weapon and so on.

#12) Never try to chase down a guy with an AR-15. It’s stupid.

#13) Every American needs to own an AR-15 and know how to use it.

#14) Even when you are merely defending your life, you will probably be charged with murder if you live in a Democrat-controlled area. Sure enough, it appears this security man is now being charged with first degree murder, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. This is a fast-moving story, so things are still a bit hazy in terms of the aftermath, but we’ll bring you updates as they are available.

Get prepared for what’s coming. I am now posting daily podcasts (with some new videos coming) of preparedness and survival how-to content at, which also lists in-stock survival items from the Health Ranger Store.

Get prepared now to fight and live… or surrender and die. Black Lives Matter terrorists are coming for you, and they want to kill you. And the left-wing media fully endorses it, by the way. On top of that, the police are not on your side, and if you defend yourself against BLM terrorists, you will likely be charged with attempted murder.

Hence the wisdom of just getting the F out of Democrat-run cities in the first place.

The following screenshots were made available and relate to the people allegedly shot by Brendan Gutenschwager. They were not innocents.

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