Saturday 22 August 2020

News from China - flooding and food shortages

 Chinese Media Call to Revive ‘Sense of Hunger’ 

In the face of an imminent food crisis in China, the anchor of CCTV, Bai Yansong, has spoken out saying that the Chinese people need to restore the feeling of hunger. His opinion was broadcasted by state-run media recently and has been met with fierce reactions from the public. Recently, the CCP donated 163 tons of rice to Russia while asking its citizens to reduce the consumption of food.

Flood Water Rises to Chest Level, Creek Turns Blood-Red in Sichuan Province 

Days of torrential rain has caused severe flooding and numerous landslides in southwest China’s Sichuan province.

In Meishan city and Chengdu’s suburban area, water rose to the second floor. A creek in Deyang city suddenly turned blood red, and also smells like blood. 

In the capital city, Chengdu, the water level is so high that it is half the height of a big bus. 

Inside a popular restaurant in Chengdu, the customers tried to cope with the floods with optimism. 

In Ya’an city, floods destroyed roads and caused mudslides, which in turn, destroyed many houses

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