Friday, 10 March 2017

NOT GONE YET, - Update on Seemorerocks and this blog

It has been almost a month since I woke up with such a sore back that I was unable to sit at the computer for more than a few minutes at a time - followed by long periods of agony. When I realised that acupuncture and chripractic were not going to help I resorted to the big guns and have been on  morphine and just about every painkiller you can imagine since then.  From then on any THOUGHT of blogging, or even "keeping up with the news" almost went out the window.

x-rays seem to have shown that there is little permanent damage but indication (as if I needed it) of impingement on the sciatic nerve affecting the piriformus and other muscles in the pelvic region. All I have been able to do is to live with the pain, and kill it as best I can with heavy-duty drugs until I was able to do some physio/yoga exercises to help the situation.

Things are now starting to shift and things STARTING to function although pain levels are still at fairly high levels.

I am also able to think about things a bit more,not least the latest from Wikileaks.

I hope to be able to renew a fairly primitive blog and perhaps bring some Facebook-style comments until I am fully active again. 

So don't go away and watch this space.

While there is little hope for us in the medium term there is hope that Seemorerocks may reincarnate.


  1. Kia kaha! Thanks for all you do...

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  3. Sending my best to you Robin. Thanks for the update. Many of this ailments to people of a certain age shift with time, may it be so for you and a comfortable back is in your immediate future.