Sunday, 26 March 2017

On Vault 7 Darkmatter

Julian Assange Vault 7 DARKMATTER - IOS - Samsung - CIA Hacking Press Conference Audio 23.03.2017

Wikileaks Dark Matter Vault 7 Sane Progressive Discussion Series Part 2 w Tatsu Ikeda

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Tatsu joins us again today to speak about the latest Vault 7 Wikileaks release: Dark Matter. In this episode we discuss some of the technical content revealed and delve a bit into a wider history of the corruption of the CIA.
Wikileaks, Dark Matter:
Tatsu's Real Progressive Dark Matter Report on Real Progressives (TECH discussion only):
Julian Assange Press Conference on Dark Matter:
Apple Responds to Wikileaks Dark Matter:
Timeline of CIA misdeeds, a great reference point to gain a starting point for further research:
Operation Chaos; CIA History of Targeting Dissent is Long:
CIA Regains Power to Implement Drone Strikes:
Operation Chaos:
Michael Hayden, Glenn Greenwald Article:
Comey says Russia Didn't Give Wikileaks DNC Emails:
In 1972, the CIA Director Relabelled “Dissidents” As “Terrorists” So He Could Continue Spying On Them … And Nothing Has Changed
Part 1 Sane Progressive Wikileaks Series Vault 7:

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