Sunday, 19 March 2017

Abby Martin's tendentious propagada piece in Steve Bannon

Who is Steve Bannon?

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The following piece is by Abby Martin and is, in my mind one ond one of the worst pieces she has done (after her piece on thee European migrant crisis) – far from the halcyon (and simpler) days of Breaking the Set.

The Trump phenomenon is complex and contradictory and requires some more balanced analysis than is available mainstream media.

Abby Martin's piece here is more reminscent of some of the CNN/BBC hatchet jobs on Vladimir Putin – even more crude,if that is possible.

It is not enough to take a quickly worked-out ideological position and and say that anything anything goes so log as it reinforcces one's position.

Anything where the closing conclusions are exactly the same as the starting point is not journalism but agitprop.

Perhaps this is my limited training as an historian coming out?

By contrast the second piece from Quartz is much more enlightening although it does repeat the same mistake of assnuming that holding a philosophical position that war plays an important role wtthin the cycles of history implies an ADVOCACY of war.

Personally, although many of the right-wing republican assumptions rub me right up the wrong world (let alone “make America great again”) there is more truth in his theory of history than liberal views of uninterrrupted growth and progress.

I have more questions than answers which is why agitprop propaganda of any political hue annoys me.


Watch this by comparison

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