Friday, 24 March 2017

John McAfee on Privacy in America

Patrick Henningsen LIVE – John McAfee: ‘We Are Living in Orwell’s 1984 Now’

John McAfee: ‘We Are Living in Orwell’s 1984 Now’

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THIS WEEK: Episode #18 – This week we delve into Washington’s ‘Russian Hearings’, the alleged ‘Russian Hack’ and ask our listeners: is there any expectation of privacy left in America?We’ll find out…
1 John McAfee copyTonight, host Patrick Henningsen is joined by legendary software security innovator, John McAfee, founder of McAfee Associates and CEO of MGT Capital Investments, to discuss Russia, Trump, our government’s cyber security, cyber warfare, and revelations from Wikileaks’ Vault 7, as well as the state of American society in a post-Snowden envi

Listen to "EP #18: Patrick Henningsen LIVE – with special guest John McAfee" on Spreaker.

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