Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Voting in New York

It is very hard to imagine this in a developed, DEMOCRATIC country.

VERY LONG Lines at Polling Places in New York City

8 November, 2016

From Astoria to Brooklyn Heights, voter turnout appeared to be high in New York City Tuesday morning. Lines of people waiting to vote stretched down and around some city blocks.

Crowds at some but not all polling locations seemed to diminish as the morning progressed.

Polling sites close at 9 p.m.
If you're voting in NYC, keep in mind there are 4.5 million registered voters.
The best time to vote is the hours leading up to the work day and the hours immediately after the work day.
Polling sites will be fully staffed with workers who are responsible for keeping the process moving along.
Extremely long lines for polls on UES. Noticeable #NYPD presence ahead of @realDonaldTrump arrival.@fox5ny
Liz Dahlem (@lizdahlem) November 8, 2016
Wow! #Voting #HipHop Votes One place I love to see long lines - polling places! Check out this one#UpperWestSide @HOT97 @fox5ny
Lisa Evers (@LisaEvers) November 8, 2016
Line around and then up the block to vote in Brooklyn Heights this morning:
Mac King (@MackenzieWKing) November 8, 2016
Long lines reported ALREADY at polling sites across #NYC
Fox5NY (@fox5ny) November 8, 2016
Check out the lines in Astoria #ElectionDay Photo by
Fox5NY (@fox5ny) November 8, 2016
Voters line up around the block UES #ElectionDay #democracy
Sharon Crowley (@sharoncrowleyny) November 8, 2016

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