Saturday, 5 November 2016

The latest from Paul Beckwith on Arctic sea ice

Arctic sea ice regrowth is unprecedentedly ff'd

Part 1/2

Arctic sea ice regrowth is eff'd this year; in fact is truly horrible. As the ice extent, defined as regions with at least 15% ice tries to expand via sea water freezing; it is melted out by extremely high sea surface temperatures. Then the cooled surface water mixes via wave action with warmer water down to as much as 200 meters and the warm mixtures at the surface continue the process of sea ice melting. Without strong ice regrowth, we will reach the state we are heading to. Namely, zero sea ice.

We must break this vicious cycle, by declaring a global climate emergency, and implementing the three-legged-stool solution set.

Part 2/2

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