Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Miscellaneous on the US elections

It is hard for me to process these results, partially because I am having my own personal challenges today and I do not understand the US electoral system very well.

My understanding (which some may disagree with) is that although he has almost certainly won the popular vote there is still the electoral colleges (and a possible contesting of the result by the Dems) – and therefore the possibility to steal the election. There is too much at stake for the Elite who have been fighting the outsider Donald Trump with all they’ve got.

America is no longer a democracy based on previous criteria.

No doubt the results tonight are only the START.

We are seeing this with the reactions of the market and the Canadian Immigration website going down.


The presstitutes at the Guardian are amongst the first (oursde US media) that will have to eat humble pie

Republican defies pollsters’ predictions but Hillary Clinton appears poised to win the popular vote

Early voting results show Republican Donald Trump is on track to be the next US president – defying polling predictions and despite the fact that Democrat Hillary Clinton looks set to win the popular vote.

Clinton has lost Florida, the most influential of tonight’s contested states. Florida is worth 29 of the 270 votes needed to win the presidency, far more than any other state where the candidates looked like they would be in a close race. Thanks to Florida, Trump’s path to becoming president is considerably less difficult.

Though media attention on the race has focused on just two candidates, there are more. In Florida, results reported by the state’s board of election show that more than 290,000 votes went to third-party candidates. Clinton finished around 133,000 votes behind Trump.

Raw: Asian Markets Tumble As Trump Leads
Markets across Asia have shed early gains, tumbling on Wednesday as Republican candidate Donald Trump gained the lead in the electoral vote count in the presidential election

A reaction from Still

From New Zealand...

Here is Radio NZ which has been echoing the pro-Hillary hubris having to absorb that Trump is winning

Here is CNN presstitute, after months of lies and propaganda having to explain why Killary was not "voted" in.

The Next News


MSM In Total Meltdown As Trump Presidency Looks Reality

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