Saturday, 12 November 2016

AVAAZ calls for color revolution

AVAAZ calls for rebellion

Dear fellow global citizens,

The unimaginable has happened. President Trump.

And the horror won't end there - the racist right is rising worldwide, unless we stop them.

Don't think it can't happen where you live? Everyone thought Trump was a joke. Now he's a nightmare with nuclear codes.

It's time to take our responsibility seriously. Our children's futures are on the line. This is an emergency call to every person of conscience on this planet to ACT. I want to be straight with you about what I honestly think is the most powerful thing we can do:

Build this movement.

Avaaz is everything the ethno-nationalists are not, and everywhere they are. We contacted over 2 million US swing-state voters in this election, but it wasn't enough. To win this fight, we need to be bigger and stronger, to deepen our connection and commitment. So today, we launch our first formal membership drive. Click below to become an Avaaz member, and let's get serious about saving the world:

From Cory Morninstar on AVAAZ


Avaaz: The Emperor of the NGO Network ~ by Cory Morningstar

Beneath an image of a Bernie Sanders T-shirt, the ad, which was posted on Tuesday morning, reads, “Paid positions for protesters at the Trump rally.”

Shuttle buses, parking, signs, and hourly pay available. $15 an hour due to economic inequality. Meet at 3300 W. Tripp Road, Jainesville, WI 53548 for pre-protest instructions and to get your time card.”

But is the ad genuine?

One respondent on Facebook noted that the meet-up location was 10 miles from the site of Trump’s event at the Jainesville Holiday Inn.

While that’s true, it’s still only a 16 minute drive, which is presumably why transportation was offered to bus the protesters to the rally.

The sight of protesters being paid right in front of Trump supporters would also be something that organizers would obviously be keen to void.

Google maps shows that the meet-up spot, 3300 W. Tripp Road, is a parking lot in a remote location.

The Craigslist ad was subsequently deleted after it began to receive attention on pro-Trump forums.

Whether the ad is real or not, we know that at least some anti-Trump protesters were recruited via a Craigslist ad before the march at Trump Tower in New York City earlier this month.

Writing for the Daily Caller, former Trump advisor Roger Stone revealed, “Infiltrating the crowd, I learned most were from MoveOn or the Occupy movement. Soap was definitely in short supply in this crowd. Several admitted answering a Craig’s list ad paying $16.00 an hour for protesters.”

MoveOn, which is funded by billionaire George Soros, also took credit forcausing the cancellation of Trump’s rally in Chicago back on March 11 after hundreds of Bernie Sanders supporters infiltrated the event and staged violence which the media later blamed on Donald Trump.

Following the riots in Chicago, left-wing groups vowed to stage mass civil disobedience at Trump rallies across the country beginning in April.

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