Friday, 4 November 2016

Attempted police intimidation

More evidence of the creeping fascist police state

The fascist state: Police summons veteran peace activist

This is from Kevin Hester:

32 years ago I was involved in protest actions that led to NZ becoming nuclear free, the end of the ANZUS treaty and nuclear armed and powered ships being banned from NZ waters. As a result almost none of the innocent blood that has been spilt from more than 20million innocent lives by the US war machine since is on our hands.

Prime Minister John Key has invited US warships back to NZ this month and made it virtually illegal to protest on the water.

Yesterday the NZ Police sent me this letter which I believe is simply intimidation. Note they know of my activities via social media!

Many years ago us young activists were tutored by heroic lawyers like Peter Williams in what NOT to say to the police. To those officers monitoring my social media activity I can tell you now I won't be giving you a call. You'll have to get your info from fascistic spying on patriots who reject your spying, war mongering and murder.

Here is some background.

If you looked at Google you'd be forgiven for thinking that nothing has changed

The new laws to make protestors terrorists
The speed with which the National Party have conned the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind to just hand over their civil rights is truly astonishing.

By Martyn Bradbury

8 September, 2016

With the new mass surveillance powers, we now need monsters to justify the GCSB gaining such a leap in budget.

The 2014-2015 budget for the GCSB was $86, 843, 000. Their budget for 2015-2016 is $143, 568, 000.

So we need new targets to justify and what better way to do that? Why change the laws so that protestors become terrorists…

Legitimate protesters could be charged as terrorists under new legislation unless changes are made, the NZ Law Society says.

New Zealand’s history of protest at sea, including against the visit of US nuclear vessels during the 1970s and 1980s, was cited during submissions on the law change today.

Parliament is considering legislation that will bring New Zealand up to date with current international rules about maritime security.

It will create new offences related to maritime terrorism and maritime boarding.
But there are concerns that the law change could be used to stifle protest at sea because the definition of what is terrorism is too road.

Jonathan Orpin of the NZ Law Society appeared before Parliament’s Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade committee today and argued for the terrorism definition to be tightened.

The current definition is to carry out or to threaten acts with the purpose of intimidating a population or to compel a government or organisation.

Orpin submitted that should be changed to match the terrorism definition in other legislation – including an intention to induce terror in a civilian population, or to unduly compel or force a government or organisation.

The Law Society also wants the legislation to state that the fact a person engages in any protest, advocacy or dissent is not, by itself, sufficient to infer terrorism.

add these new powers on top of the new whistleblower laws that will jail anyone for 5 years who alerts the media to illegal Government spying and we have all the ingredients of a flourishing Police State.

The speed with which the National Party have conned the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind to just hand over their civil rights is truly astonishing. The hilarious thing is that if it had been a Left wing Government who legalised mass surveillance and all these extraordinary police powers, people would be screaming to high heaven, but John Key gives Nu Zilind a wee smile and a wave and they all fall over themselves to allow him to abuse power.


  1. Protests are effective when there is a surprise element causing the object of the protest to take note and change their behaviour.For instance Sea Shepherd's protest and interventions against Japanese Whaling. The letter is a subtle attempt to defang this effectiveness and to change a live dramatic protest into a tame corralled borefest.

    corral: noun
    an enclosure or pen for horses, cattle, etc.