Friday, 11 November 2016

A call for election results to be annulled and new election held?

The Clintonites, totally unable to face up to the facts that they are responsible for this debacle are blaming everyone they can.

Now they are presumably trying to have the results annulled although (unlike the Democratic primaries) are totally legal under the US constitution.

BOMBSHELL: Democrats Submitted Measure MINUTES Ago That Could Steal Presidency From Trump!!!
10 November, 2016


Earlier today, Democrats moved into position to execute a last ditch attempt to shift the Electoral College results. This of course would award Hillary Clinton the presidency. Their argument stems from the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.
KDVR reporters on the scene said that Democrats are making a strong push for the Electoral College to bechanged, and for the popular vote to take effect in a new way.

How their plan works is simple. As you know, each state has a specific number of electoral votes based on the number of congressional districts within its borders. Additionally, a vote is given for each Senator. The total comes out to 538.
Yet, there is nothing in our Constitution to prevent these electors from refusing to support the candidate who won their state. That means even though Trump won, specific electoral voters could outright deny him the presidency.
They Are Stealing It Before Our Very Eyes

Democrats are pushing the law into practice by spreading a provisional petition. As of this afternoon, the petition has 175,000 signatures, making it an official public position.
While some states could try to “ban” electoral voters from switching to Hillary, there’s no way it could be enforced—each electoral voter has the ultimate say.
It’s a low move by the Democrats, and it could actually work.
Red State Watcher reported that throughout history, more than 99% of electors have pledged to support American voters. But if the election cycle was indicative of anything to come, the Democrats are sure to actually push this.
Clinton already has the control of large donors like Soros, who are currently funding anti-Trump protests all around the country.
We have come TOO FAR to lose it now. Please spread this message and share this article. We must make the American People aware of the dirty trick they are trying to use. If we don’t, we could surely lose America to the same evil forces we just defeated.

How Hillary Clinton could still become President instead of Donald Trump

11 November, 2016

Donald Trump has yet to be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, and there is still a chance he won't be.

Thanks to the US having a convoluted and strange election system, the American people don't actually decide who becomes President - that right belongs to the 538 members of the Electoral College.

On December 19, the College will vote for whom they want for President, and they could yet turn their backs on President-elect Trump.
The Electoral College is made up of state officials and senior party figures from the Republicans and Democrats, but if you think they'll automatically vote for who their own state chose for the White House, think again.

It's happened before.

Members of the Electoral College have gone against the grain in the past and voted for different candidates than those they were pledged to.
These electors are labelled 'faithless electors', and there have been 157 in US political history.
Some states punish faithless electors with a fine, but in many states there is no penalty at all for an electoral voter who goes rogue.

So will enough of them vote for Hillary Clinton next month?

It's possible, but highly unlikely unless President-elect Trump does something so offensive and outrageous between now and the College vote that enough electoral voters change their minds.
The other possibility of course is that President-elect Trump dies between now and December 19.
There have been 71 faithless votes in history because of a candidate's untimely death.
An online petition on is asking electoral voters to vote for Hillary Clinton on December 19.
It's already received over a million signatures

This, of course is not THE ABC News and I cannot find such as Executive Order so this is probably not accurate - however bear in mind the other two stories

Obama Signs Executive Order Declaring Investigation Into Election Results; Revote Planned For Dec. 19h

10 November, 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) — Following the results of Tuesday night’s election, President Obama has signed Executive Order 13805, which orders a full recount of all votes cast in the election and calls for a special election to be held on December 19th. Obama signed the order in response to the concerns of thousands of voters across the country who said that they were prevented from casting a ballot on election day, too many absentee ballots have not been found or counted, equipment failures, as well as concerns that some members of the electoral college may have acted unethically.

People all over the country have been flooding my office with calls, telling my staff of horror stories about being harassed and intimidated by poll workers,” Obama told reporters. “Many have even said that they were flat out denied entry into the voting booths to cast their ballots if they were wearing a Hillary Clinton shirt or other signs showing support for her as President. This was especially bad in areas of Florida and North Carolina where there are high numbers of Latino and African American voters. We must investigate these claims. The margin of victory is too close to call, and the outcome of this election is too important. There is just too many legal challenges in too many states to just call this a victory for Trump.”
Under the President’s order, the votes cast in all precincts nationwide will be recounted, and all poll workers who took part in Tuesday’s election will be subjected to strict background checks. This process is expected to take 30 days. In precincts where the Department of Justice has cause to believe that voter suppression has occurred, new elections will be held on Dec. 19th, with those results being used to help determine who will represent the individual states in the electoral college.
Not surprisingly, Donald Trump is not happy with the president’s decision.
Crooked Hillary lost this election fair and square. They tried to rig this election against me, but the American people didn’t allow that to happen. President Obama doesn’t care about what the American people want. I said the system was rigged all along, and this proves I was right.”
The president also said that the DOJ will be taking a close look at the members of the electoral college.
We have received information from a very reliable source that suggests there may have been some collusion between the members of the electoral college and poll workers in certain swing states. We still need to investigate these claims, but if they are true, we will take all the appropriate actions necessary.”
Paul Horner, a professor of political science at UCLA, believes that the issues with the electoral college run much deeper that this election
Most people feel that it is their right as citizens to pick the president of the United States, but there is nothing in the constitution that says that. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by more than 200,000 votes, but because of the electoral college, she still lost. That decision is reserved solely for the 538 electors who meet in their respective states on December 19th. What the people are actually voting for are their states’ electors, not for the President. Though the system is odd and unfair, it has persisted because many insist that it works just fine as it is, with the winner of the popular and electoral vote usually matching. That does not mean, however, that it will continue to work just fine in the future. The way the system is set up could cause it to malfunction in some potentially terrifying ways, this recent election being one of them.”
Political Analyst Matt Daemon told ABC News that he agrees with the President’s Executive Order and said that he would like to see the electoral college done away with altogether.
[The electoral college] is a f—king joke; we should be using the popular vote instead. It may have made sense in 1788, but so did the three fifths compromise. Everyone should have an equal vote, and that’s just not the case with the electoral college. You know what the electoral college gave us? It gave us George W. Bush. It gave us a war in Iraq, and the worst recession since the great depression. It’s time to bring our system into the 21stcentury. I hope Obama fixes this, because president Trump is going to be a nightmare.”
Obama finished up the press conference explaining his plans for moving forward.
We’re going to investigate the FBI into their role in all of this,” Obama said. “Why did FBI director James Comey on Sunday say that the agency is not recommending charges against Clinton after reviewing all of her emails; declaring Hillary Clinton a free women conveniently just one day before the election? Why wasn’t this news released earlier? How many votes were lost because of this?” Obama said. “If all of these questions cannot be answered by our deadline set in December, a recount will be ordered.”
If you have any questions about the recount or the special December 19th election, you can call the Obama administration’s special election hotline at (785) 273-0325.

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