Sunday, 3 April 2016

Heatwave for Western Australia


 Image one: Shows temperatures peaking in WA this afternoon across the state with the whole state still in Summer mode.

Image two: This is for Tuesday afternoon 5th April showing a cold front and strong upper trough with strong southerly winds as well as some rainfall about the south east corner of the state especially about the Eucla will drop temps as much as 15c in parts of the south, the heat will be forced back into northern parts of the state during the middle of the week. This image is from the GFS data via BSCH.

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Parts of Western Australia are in for a mid-autumn blast of heat over the coming days.

Despite autumn being a month old significant heat is still lingering over the nation's north west. Temperatures have soared over 40 degrees in the north, such as Marble Bar and Telfer.

On Sunday a trough lingering over the the west coast will drag this unseasonably hot airmass over south western parts of Western Australia. Geraldton is expected to reach 33 degrees and Perth 31, both of which are 5 degrees above the April average. An afternoon sea breeze will bring some relief to those along the coast, taking the edge off the temperature but bumping up the humidity.

On Monday the trough responsible for the heat will shift eastwards, taking the peak of the airmass inland. Monday will be the hottest day of the spell for southern inland areas. Kalgoorlie is forecast to reach 35 which is a whopping 10 degrees above the average for this time of the year.

The heat will be short lived though. On Monday, onshore winds will limit the heating along the western and southern coasts ahead of a vigorous cold front that will rip through the southwest from Monday afternoon.

As a result of the cold front, Tuesday will be significantly cooler across southern parts of the state. Perth will only peak at about 23 degrees whilst Kalgoorlie will struggle in the teens for much of the day, only briefly reaching the low 20s.

Heat will continue to linger over northern parts of the state though with the mercury continuing to reach the high thirties or low forties degrees in some inland areas for much of the week.

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