Thursday 14 April 2016

Discussing the actions of Mr. Robert Marston Fanny

The following may seem bit  harsh but I am offended at the actions of the author of the Robertscribbler blog. He has proved himself to be worthy of the editors of any of the corporate media.

I am usually slow to anger when it comes to messengers of abrupt climate change but when I do get angry I am slow to forgive.

If you want to say this is personal you are right - partially. But mostly not. This is about the refusal to carry, comment on, or even criticise what I regard as important information for every person in the South Pacific, South America and Australasia.

I am both mystified and deeply offended.

'Robertscribbler' spits in the face of the people of the Southern Hemisphere
Robert Marston Fanny censors all reference to a "hot blob" in the South Pacific


Yesterday I did something  I rarely do and post three comments on the blog of Robertscribbler. 

A bit of background. 

A couple of days ago I came across a note from Roger Caldwell in the Philippines about something that I was unaware of so I did an item on my blog. 


Naturally I was anxious to get this information out as widely as I could so I posted a comment on the Robertscribbler blog with a link to my articleMy comment said something as simple as "I hope you can follow up on this"

A huge heat blob 5 times the size of the “hot blob” off North America

I have made two more attempts to post this information and have had the same response - censored out.

My partner Pam even sent something in her name about this.

"I am very concerned about events in the Southern Hemisphere. I live in New Zealand and we have been experiencing very warm conditions for April (the equivalent of October in the northern hemisphere). 

"There is a very warm blob in the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand that no one seems to be mentioning"

That too was not accepted for his comments page.

I posted comments on Facebook which were there all day, but now too have gone

Those comments are still there but have been ignored

Robin Westenra There is a high temperature anomaly in the Tasman Sea between Australa and NZ and temperatures here in the capital, Wellington are sweltering for April. I have not seen any official mention of these conditions here. It is, to put it mildly, very worrying. A "hot blob" in the S Pacific that I several times bigger than the one in North America is not a good portent.
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Annie Mond most people don't care or if they don't know, they don't want to know, but I keep sharing all of your posts anyway.
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Robin Westenra I posted an item that I posted based on information fromRoger Caldwell because I was alarmed by what he had to report. I notice that this comment was removed from your comments section and another attempt to repost it has failed. This may all be a t...See more
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Robin Westenra It would be nice if you could comment on this. If it's true it's big news fir the
Southern Hemisphere

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Paul Dowd Not good news, very scary.
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The only harsh words written by me were the following (by then I was getting pretty angry):

"I shall continue to be a supporter of Robertscribbler but if I have heard no response to my attempts to get information out about a hot blob in the South Pacific by tomorrow morning I shall respond publicly to Mr. Robert Marston Fanny's uncalled-for censorship.

"i would like to know from the gentleman why he choses to censor in this way.

"He is choosing to spit in the face of the people of the Southern Hemisphere and in effect is aiding and abetting in the keeping silent by the authorities of the dire situation in this part of the planet.

"I wait your response,Mr Robert Marston Fanny."

Is there anything obnoxious or to take offence at in any of the above?


Those who read this blog regularly will know that I follow Robertscribbler closely and post his articles here as I regard him highly as an environmental blogger without peer.  

That has meant that I have refrained from criticism of what I regard as preposterous ideas for "fixing" climate change that stand in contradiction to the very evidence he is presenting.  I have refrained from tarring him with the epithet "hopium".

Indeed I have refrained from mentioning the elephant in the room.

So what is there to dislike in what I submitted?

Is it my blog and the fact I am a "follower" of "Dr. Death", Guy McPherson, or is it simply that he doesn't like stuff that he hasn't seen himself or hasn't come from his favoured "followers"?

I suspect the former.

This is someone who knows the truth and presents it but can't bear to even face the nэtural enough conclusions so he has to kill the messenger and relegate Guy McPherson to the role of the devil.

That goes for anyone who merely mentions Guy's name in a positive light.

Anyone associated with Nature Bats Last or Guy will have had the experience of being kicked off Mr. Fanny's blog.

In this case it is not about denial or an argument about near-term human extinction (which I have never taken part in)

It is censorship, pure and simple.

It is censorship of observations about something dire that is happening in the Southern Hemisphere - we are now denied a way to communicate this because of the actions of an egotistical man whose actions I cannot call other than scumbaggery.

I will continue to follow what Robert Fanny writes with interest but his credibility as a human being has sunk by at least several notches.

Summing up

As of this morning any reference to the above has been expunged from Mr. Fanny's blog, including Facebook.

I am unsure if he got to read my message to him from yesterday but that does not  matter - he had already done what he meant to do.

We are used to being silenced by the powers-that-be and by the presstitites of the corporate media. Part of my passion and reason for writing this blog is that information that should be public knowledge is suppressed.

Now someone I should have trusted has done the same and essentially joined their ranks.

It was not a case of pushing climate change denial, chemtrails or any other nonsense, criticise his position or even mention the elephant in the room - NEAR-TERM HUMAN EXTINCTION from rapid and catastrophic anthropogenic climate change.

This is a petty act done for God knows what reasons and deserves to be condemned.

Mr Fanny can continue to produce his nonsense about saving civilisation (as in today's  A Harbinger of the End of the Fossil Fuel Era” — Coal Production, Exports Plummet as Peabody Energy Declares Bankruptcy the day after producing two very good articles. I am perfectly willing to overlook that and refrain from criticism in the interests of the greater good.

His act of petty censorship and spitting in the face of the people from the South I am NOT willing to forgive, now or in the future.


  1. In for a response. Very interested in why this was not followed up on. Rather alarming to ignore something of this nature.

  2. Hi Seemorerocks, I also read the scribbler blog daily. It is a great, informative site with excellent writing and good coverage from both Robert and many intelligent, informed followers. But, like many of us humans, some have difficulty in facing the terror of hopelessness and have chosen to lean hard on wishful thinking with the possibility of a future miracle added to the mix. I also visit Guy's blog, but I find the messages difficult even though I know that Guy's perspective will likely prove to reflect our eventual path - I really only need to hear it once, and I get it - we are truly likely done for. But Robert, although he surely understands the slim thread of a possible survivable outcome, has often mentioned that he wants to keep his blog on the optimistic route. Period. Now, I doubt he has ignored your point regarding the hot southern blob, I suspect that he simply does not want any links to any sites or commenters who are not also somewhat supporting an optimistic outcome. Like the band playing on the sinking Titanic - some people feel it is their duty to do the best they can to support a positive flank - till the bitter end. I suspect we will hear talk regarding the southern hot blob soon enough. So don't give up, and I thank you for your contributions. You attitude and outlook is not missed by many and is surely helpful to many in your honesty.

    1. Thank you for your comments and assessment. You may be right.

  3. I'm censored by him regularly too!

  4. Censorship, when allowed to fester and pollute someone's opinions, and sometimes facts, is the worst kind of insult to the human spirit. It's a dictatorship and a lack of respect to individuals who are perceived as unable to decipher for themselves what should not should not be important.

    But alternately no one can deny that economic factors within the core of the human condition is usually one of the most important determining factor of censorship. i.e., if you get paid by the fossil fuel industry to keep the lid on things, paying the rent is a lot more important than accurate information. In the final analysis, what is responsible for censorship on fossil fuels, or or anything which brings home the bacon for that matter...... rents, or facts ?? You be the judge.

  5. looks like my comments have also been censored... What a waste of time!

  6. Get on over to Dredd's placed dude.

    Your kind of info is helpful.

    We who are being murdered without knowing it need to stick together and bring our murders down (Oil-Qaeda & MOMCOM Conspire To Commit Depraved-Heart Murder - 5).

    Cross polination ... its not just for bees anymore.

    BTW that blob is in accord with a link posted by Walter today on Dredd blog (NOAA tells Insurance Conference 9 ft. of sea level rise by 2050 because of Antarctic events yet unpublished).

  7. I noted that RS censored comments critical of solar technology (it's potential to replace fossil fuels). And he seemed to be promoting a grandiose (to me) idea of a continental solar grid system. But I still read his blog and am grateful for the information he has brought forth. And thanks for your blog.

  8. Hi Seemorerocks. I visit your blog, Guy's blog, and scribbler's blog almost everyday. I found yours to be most informative about global tensions, guy's best on emotional commentary and scribbler on AGW news. However, as a semi-regular at NBL, i have always been blocked at scribbler. Regardless of my topic or insight. He knows that i believe the situation is beyond any rational capacity to fix and therefore i am persona non grata.
    Who cares. It's all so small.
    Keep up the good work and thanks for what you do.


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