Thursday, 14 April 2016

Two years since the death of Michael C Ruppert

Today, give or take a few hours, marks the second anniversary since the passing of the friend of many of the readers of this blog, Michael C Ruppert.

Mike is someone who turned my life upside down and began for me a process of reassessing all my preconceptions about the way the world works.

For me it was hearing a piece from the movie Collapse:

It isn’t that Bernie Madoff is a ponzi scheme: the whole economy is a ponzi scheme”

That set me off to find as much as I could about Michael Ruppert.

In the end he became a friend and confidante that I never met or spoke to.

Mike was touched with brilliance but also had a central flaw that gave him to the world but took him away long before his time.

Mike, you are missed by me  - and so many. 

May you rest in peace.

Mike Ruppert (February 3, 1951 - April 13, 2014) - RIP

Lee Nelson from Britain, a good friend of Mike's has made this program dedicated to Mike that also features Kevin Hester

Global Collapse HQ Radio Show MCR Special

No doubt it, the movie Collapse along his book Crossing the Rubicon were the most significant of Mike's life

Made just a few months before he died this, for me, is one of the most significant of his speeches - on the three guarantors of human extinction.

This was Mike's final broadcast on the Lifeboat Hour, recorded almost EXACTLY two years go.

For people living Down Under (and for myself,since I facilitated it against all the odds) this interview with Chris Laidlaw of Mike is highly significant. 

It was a favourite of Mike's and one where he talked about 9/11.

Michael C Ruppert - Beyond Petroleum Man

Michael C Ruppert is a one-off. He's an American author, a former Los Angeles Police Department officer, investigative journalist and peak oil theorist. Until 2006 he published and edited From The Wilderness, a newsletter and website covering a range of topics including international politics, the CIA, peak oil, civil liberties, drugs, economics and corruption in high places. He is currently CEO of Collapse Network, a website-based pressure group seeking alternative energy and other lifestyle choices

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  1. Thanks.
    Loved Mike.
    Met him in Sebastopol CA.
    Cried when he chose to leave us.