Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Rapidly-increasing CO2 concentrations and " leveling emissions" - does it make sense?

A very good explanation by Paul Beckwith of exponentially-rising CO2 concentrations and the reported leveling of of manmade emissions.

My only comment in terms of his explanation would be “why either-or, why not both”

Angry Earth Causing Record CO2 Level Rise?

Feb, 2016 the atmospheric CO2 level was 404.16 ppm, or 4 ppm larger than just a year ago. Mar 25, 2016 hit 405.81 ppm, almost 5 ppm larger than only one year ago. Average levels rose a record 3.09 ppm in 2015, slightly less in 2014 and a record (then) 2.90 in 2013.

Yet global emissions from humans have been reported to have levelled off the last few years.

What gives? Could be BAD. Could mean Earth sinks are maxed out and/or sources are rising.

The explanation below given by Robertscribbler to this article is of course preposterous. If hundreds of coal plants are being planned worldwide - enough to cook the planet - then clearly the contention that more coal plants are being shut down is both wrong and irrelevant.

He clearly believes his own propaganda. 

"It’s muddy, but it appears we are shutting down more coal plants than we are building currently. However, any new coal plant under construction at this time is bad news."

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  1. Robert hosts an informative web site, but he can't bring himself to accept the fact that we are cooked!
    It's part denial and part hopium - terms he can't stand being used on his site.

    I post there as "Jeremy" and he often deletes my posts if they stray too far from his desired message.
    Namely - "We're in trouble, but we can solve this".

    What is sad is that he's giving false hope to people and so, to some extent, is a disinformation agent.