Tuesday 30 June 2020

Nicholas Humphrey DENIES there is constant tracking of methane on the ESAS.

Where does this guy get off?

"Hard to know because there isn't constant tracking of it"

This makes my blood boil. It does not matter what they've said before that is good. The moment they lie or give out disinformation that's it for me.

Where does this guy get off?!  Is he such as "expert" that he has to talk down to the hoy-polloy and say the first thing that comes into his head because it suits him.

Nicholas Humphrey knows perfectly the research that is being done by Natalia Shakhova, Igor Semiletov and their team on the ground; he knows about CAMS and NOAA data; he knows that Margo is monitoring the methane every day of her life.

What he means is HE is not tracking it constantly.

But citizen scientists presumably don't know what they are doing, so should be ignored.

But it is our citizen scientists that are accurately pinpointing what is happening and if there is a  blue ocean event  it will be them that will bring you the news first.

Quite frankly, if I didn't have 30 years of knowledge I would be siding with the deniers the lies and disingenuousness of the climate change people are so bad (and I'm not just talking about Michael Mann.

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