Monday 29 June 2020

Reassessing covid-19

Coronavirus appears to be 

mutating in a very dangerous 



After the media published articles that talked about research that has shown that “the coronavirus zombifies human cells and causes them to sprout tentacles in order to spread around the body” and 'healthy cells, where it injects its viral venom into them and creates more zombie cells” I thought it was time to reasses the whole covid-19 thing.

If we relied entirely on official WHO or CDC statements we would be none the wiser because the edicts coming out contradict each other, even on a daily basis.

I prefer, therefore, to rely on discussions on the alternative media which usually come with a greater degree of proof. There is a lot of disagreement between, on the one side, Dr. Buttar and Del Bigtree and others and, the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, Paul Cottrell and Chris Martenson on the other.- all of which carries some part of what is a huge puzzle.

There are great difficulties with the official information coming out - not least with the Covid-19 testing that is taken so much for granted, to the extent that it has to be asked whether the statistics we are given are even accurate, especially of late.

Yesterday, I heard on the news that 500,000 people have died globally from covid-19.  This is the same number of deaths that Neill Ferguson of Imperial College projected in his report to persuade Boris Johnson to lock down the country. Remember, just a few months ago he was talking about 'herd immunity'

Note, that all the news presentation is about the numbers infected.

In the midst of reports of empty hospitals, statistics that put covid-19 on the death certificate even when it was something else we have this:

It seems to me that neither the testing nor the statistics produced from the testing can be fully relied on.

I first discovered this news on Hal Turner's website and then I found that there was lots of coverage.

I first discovered this news on Hal Turner's website and then I found that there was lots of coverage.

Whilst other outlets reported this in terms of a zoonotic virus from a fish market in Wuhan Turner's report makes it quite clear that this provides clear indication of a lab-created virus (or bioweapon) in that it is clearly IMPOSSIBLE for a virus to mutate in this way in such a short period of time.

Here are just a few points from the article:

  • "Normally it takes years of co-existing with humans for any virus to evolve these traits."
  • The latest discovery appears to show that Covid has, at some point in its evolution, developed a back-up plan to get round the immune system. 
  • "This paper shows just how completely the virus is able to rewire all of the signals going on inside the cell. That's really remarkable and it's something that occurs very rapidly (as soon as two hours after cells are infected).' "
  •  'It’s just so sinister that the virus uses other mechanisms to infect other cells before it kills the cell.' 

Despite all the evidence of fraud around this virus there is definitely something that, unless the whole thing is a fraud, that there is something serious (and downright frightening) about this virus (or viruses).

Perhaps some of the confusion can be illustrated by two headlines two days apart:

Scientists are only starting to grasp the vast array of health problems caused by the novel coronavirus, some of which may have lingering effects on patients and health systems for years to come, according to doctors and infectious disease experts.

Besides the respiratory issues that leave patients gasping for breath, the virus that causes COVID-19 attacks many organ systems, in some cases causing catastrophic damage.

Contrast that with this:

The coronavirus has weakened due to possible genetic mutations and it could disappear on its own without a vaccine, according to one doctor who specializes in critical care.

Since the height of the pandemic, the virus has downgraded from a “tiger to a wild cat” and people who were once dying are now recovering, Professor Matteo Bassetti, head of the infectious diseases clinic at Policlinico San Martino Hospital in Italy told The Telegraph.

It was like an aggressive tiger in March and April but now it’s like a wild cat. Even elderly patients, aged 80 or 90, are now sitting up in bed and they are breathing without help,” Bassetti said in an interview with the news outlet. “The same patients would have died in two or three days before.”

Since researching this I have found several articles that talk about the mutations  that have occurred, such as this one that says the coronavirus has mutated into at least 30 different strains.

It has always puzzled me as to why in some parts of the world covid-19 seems to be deadly while in other places it is spreading widely but is that deadly and in other places (like New Zealand) it has not been that serious.

Are we talking about the same thing?

The novel coronavirus has mutated into at least 30 different genetic variations, according to a new study in China.

The results showed that medical officials have vastly underestimated the overall ability of the virus to mutate, in finding that different strains have affected different parts of the world, leading to potential difficulties in finding an overall cure.
The study, which was carried out by professor Li Lanjuan and colleagues from Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China, was published in a non-peer reviewed paper released on Sunday.

Here are some other articles on the same theme.

This is in line with a theory or observation that most mutations are in a POSITIVE direction - and that the virus becomes less serious with mutation.

And again:

This is from a couple of months ago and supports the thesis of multiple strains of the virus:

The most credible reports cite scientific papers such as this:

This came from yesterday's Daily Mail article so is perhaps the very latest development.

Is this the mutation that made coronavirus spread like wildfire in NYC, Italy and the UK? D614G strain has four-times as many 'spikes' that latch onto human cells? 

Is this the mutation that made coronavirus spread like wildfire in NYC, Italy and the UK? D614G strain has four-times as many 'spikes' that latch onto human cells 

A mutated strain of coronavirus that has decimated the US, UK and Italy is nearly 10 times more infectious than the original virus that emerged from China, a study suggests. 

The potent version of SARS-CoV-2 - called D614G - has four to five times more 'spikes' that protrude from the viral surface allow it to latch onto human cells. 

Not only does this trait make it more infectious, but it also makes the virus more stable and resilient. 

Scientists have been puzzled about why coronavirus has seemed to hit some states and countries harder than others. 

Previous research had highlighted that the potent D614G strain was circulating in high numbers in Italy, the UK and New York City - where infection and death rates are among the worst in the world. 

Now, a study by scientists at Scripps Research has confirmed that the mutated coronavirus latches onto receptors more easily than other strains. 

Although the research only looked at D614G in tightly controlled laboratory settings, experts told it's 'plausible' the strain's viral structure makes it more infectious in people.....

'Viruses with this mutation were much more infectious than those without the mutation in the cell culture system we used,' said virologist Dr Hyeryun Choe, PhD, senior author of the study.

The 'spike' is a protein on the surface of the coronavirus - known as SARS-CoV-2 - that allows it to latch onto receptors on human cells' surfaces. 

Specifically, it binds to ACE2 receptors, which are prevalent on the surface of lung cells as well as blood vessels - making these systems prime targets for coronavirus. 

The more spikes it has, the more opportunities the virus has to stick to a human cell, and hijack its machinery to make more of itself. 

And the mutant strain that's spread in the US, Italy and Britain has them in spades

This article was republished by Dave Hodges at the end of March an early indication of mutations being discovered and makes clear that it is possible to be infected by more than one variant of the virus.

Genetic sequencing of swabs from nearly 10,000 people in Iceland, where 648 cases have been reported as of Tuesday, has revealed 40 different mutations in the novel coronavirus. Sequencing results also revealed that a person may be infected by two variants of the virus.

Researchers at deCODE genetics, a private biopharmaceutical company based in Reykjavik, have been assisting local health authorities in conducting tests for COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. But they were also performing genetic analyses of collected samples in hopes of understanding how the virus spread in the small Icelandic community. Iceland’s population exceeds 364,000 by only a small margin.

Speaking to Danish news outlet Dagbladet Information, Kari Stefansson, the CEO of deCODE genetics, said that the mutations were specific to their countries of origin. Hence they served as genetic signatures, which allowed the researchers to trace the infection back to three groups: Icelanders who were infected in Italy, in Austria, and in the United Kingdom….

Infection by more than one variant of the novel coronavirus is possible

The researchers also found evidence of a single person being infected by two variants of the novel coronavirus. While one variant had already undergone mutation, the other was genetically the same as before the mutation occurred. According to Stefansson, the only infections that could be traced to the doubly-infected individual were those caused by the mutated virus….

On March 03, a study published in the journal National Science Review reported how mutations and natural selection led to the development of a more aggressive variant of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in China. According to the researchers behind the study, this variant, which they dubbed the L type, was able to spread more quickly and replicate at a faster rate than the original S type.

Genetic analyses of samples from infected patients in Wuhan also showed that during the early stages of the outbreak, the L type was more prevalent than the S type. However, the L type’s frequency decreased after early January due to “severe selective pressure” placed by human medical intervention. Hence the older and less-aggressive S type eventually became the more predominant type of SARS-CoV-2.

An alternative view

So, we have narratives that say that the virus is mutating to become less virulent and disappear and we have evidence that it is mutating in a very frightening manner.

However, there is another possibility that points to a bioweapon and a far darker, more nefarious agenda.

I have been listening in recent days to a Christian lady called Celeste Solum who claims to have been a FEMA insider- turned whistleblower.  I am not such as fan of people who make broad claims without much direct evidence to back it  up but she mads some interesting points that are shared by other commentators.

However, what she says below resonates with what others are saying.

She is saying is that there various inserts (or "facets")  (HIV, MERS, SARS) in the laboratory-modified virus and that these facets explain the different ways in which the illness manifests.  She also contends that it is by design that the virus is not killing people so much  as maiming them and at some point the globalist authorities will decide that most humans are superfluous-to-requirements in the AI/technocratic world they have in mind for us and they will cull the population.

Add to that what Judy Mikovits is saying - that 50 million Americans could die from the vaccine that comes from this.

If I was to be very cynical I could say that despite the virus mutating rapidly, making an effective vaccine for coronavirus impossible they may push the vaccine anyway because the vaccine has little to do with the virus itself but with their depopulation agenda.

Then there is this.

I come back to this statement by the NY doctor whose observations attracted blanket censorship by You Tube and the rest of the media.

He observed that patients were presenting with injuries that had more in common with altitude sickness than anything else and that ventilation actually killed more patients than it helped.

This has been associated by many with factors such as vaccination and the rollout of 5G.

But, it may also be that what he and others were observing might have something to do with what we have been talking about - a pathogenic that is able to injure the body in the way described above.

So is covd-19 a 'pandemic' or a 'plague of corruption'?

I have more questions than answers about covid-19 and cannot come down on the side of any one argument.

At the very least this is going to be with us for a long time (perhaps forever) and bring about major changes to the world - at the very least a deep economic depression.

However, it is what Bill Gates and the vaccinators along with the World Economic Forum and their "Great Reset" have in mind for us all.

And in writing this I have put aside for today the great Arctic melt and the destruction of the Ecosystem.

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