Sunday 28 June 2020

Vignettes of a revolution

This ain't no love fest.

Fliers bearing the Black Lives Matter Logo are being distributed in Richmond, VA and in other cities, by protesters, declaring "White People: You are the enemy."


White -- men women and children

*You are the enemy!

* We will not stop until there are more white homicides than Black

* We will not stop untiil ALL white people are sent to re-education camps

* We will not stop until White people pay Extra Taxes to support Black individuals

* We will not Stop until Black Power runs ALL government

* We will not allow any White Person to date another race

* We support NO white owned business

*Hate is OK if directed at White Families

That flier looks like something that is being mass produced to be used in many different cities. 

And then there is this. A crowd hurls abuse and shouts "FASCIST!" at an elderly lady crossing the road/

Looting in New York City

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