Wednesday 24 June 2020

"The Room where it happened"

Bolton's book leaked in pdf

I can find no reference to this in the media or even on social media. After posting it on facebook there was either no interest or my post was shadow banned.

You can download the book on .pdf FROM HERE

Pompeo, who by his own admission,  lies for a living called Bolton a "traitor" in a State Department publication.

The State Department’s top spokesperson on Monday muted the line of a reporter asking about John Bolton’s book during a briefing extolling press freedom.

The department convened a telephone briefing ahead of its designation of four additional Chinese news outlets as foreign missions. But when David Brunnstrom, a journalist from Reuters, asked whether U.S. allies had reached out to the assistant secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs in the wake of Bolton’s book, his line was muted.

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