Wednesday 24 June 2020


Is there a Plan being acted 

out in America? I believe not. 

It's chaos.

Yesterday was not my day.

I went to visit a very dear friend when I was already feeling out-of-sorts and had a conversation where it became quickly obvious that were not really on the same page.

I was talking about what is happening in the United States and how I think that, partially because of marmonger John Bolton's book which I learned has aready been leaked onto the internet in .pdf form (although you wouldn't know it from media, alternative or social media) Trump is fighting for his political question and I asked the question as to why he keeps on appointing 'swamp creatures' that end up undermining and criticising him.

Then came the response that the (wise) Trump is taking on people like Bolton because he wants to expose them as members of the Deep State.

I'm afraid that I responded with an explosion of incredulity, if not hilarity and could not continue the conversation and so walked out, which I suppose was a bit rude on my part.

I have already lost longlasting friendships with people who have turned out to be “never Trumpers” and uncritically believe the entire Russiagate nonsense and that (presumably) Hilary Clinton is the best things since sliced bed.

Now I am afraid of losing a friendship on the other end of the spectrum. hopefully not.

It was all sufficient for me to knock myself out for the rest of the day with the same medication I use to help me sleep at night.

Fortunately, I got to hear the analysis from the TruNews team which I thought pretty incisive and credible – at least the first 40 minutes or so – after that they got into bit of a diatribe.

All of this illustrates that I won't agree 100% with anyone. For instance, I heard an interview last week that was quite credible and rational until they started talking about the Grand Solar Minimum and frigid conditions in Florida.

The TruNews folk also talk about a Communist uprising in America. It kind of grates because I also know my history and know none of this relates to most communism after the 1940's which was very conservative on the whole and was not in any risk of fomenting revolution, in the developed West anyhow.

What this all reminds me of is of all the extreme groups in the Russian Revolution of 1917 who were pushing for such insane and radical programs. Such people were quickly disposed of by the Communist regime and completely destroyed by Stalin by the time World War 2 came along.

There is scarcely anyone that I can wholeheartedly agree with across the spectrum.  If I wanted to be part of the climate change tribe I would have to embrace Russiagate, Hillary Clinton and the whole agenda that is being played against.  If I was to embrace the entirety of the people who speak quite credibly on geopolitics I would have to be a climate change denier!

Enough from me.Listen to the following from Tru News.I thought it was pretty spot-on (part from the above caveats.

I agree with them that Trump is finished. So too is the democratic Republic.

I do not "trust the Plan"

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