Wednesday 24 June 2020

The insurrection - on both sides of the country

Seattle officials announced on Monday that they would begin to dismantle the six blocks of occupied streets known as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or “Chaz”, following two shootings at the site in 48 hours.

It’s time for people to go home. It is time for us to restore Cal Anderson and Capitol Hill so it can be a vibrant part of the community,” said the Seattle mayor, Jenny Durkan, during a press conference. “We can still accommodate people who want to protest peacefully, come there and gather. But the impacts on the businesses and residents and community are now too much.”

Durkan said Seattle police would be returning to the east precinct, the site they abandoned after a series of dangerous clashes between protesters and law enforcement.

She said they’ll do so “peacefully” and “in the near future” but did not offer an exact timeline.

Seattle's CHOP Just Cost The City A Billion Dollar Company

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas
Well, who didn’t see this coming?
Coronavirus pandemic or not, an investment advisory company is leaving the cultural unrest in Seattle and moving its headquarters to Phoenix’s Camelback Corridor.
” … The unrest that has taken place in the city of Seattle … there is really is not a downtown business community today,” Smead Capital Management, President and CEO Cole Smead told KTAR News 92.3 FM.
Mayor Jenny Durkan has allowed and encouraged an unelected mob to take over and militarize several blocks of downtown Seattle. A man has died because of this. A deaf woman was reportedly sexually assaulted because of this. About 30,000 Seattle residents are now subjected to CHOP’s mob rule and they live in fear of criticizing it. Media are controlled. It’s a segregationist enclave, albeit one that is dependent on the benevolence of the surrounding nation it despises.
CHOP cannot feed itself or power its connection to Reddit. But it can and has killed jobs.
Mayor Durkan is killing Seattle.
“We’re hearing rumors of 40-story buildings that will be only 20-percent occupied by October,” Smead said.
Some of that will be companies allowing employees to continue working at home. Some of that will be companies leaving, taking the taxes they and their employees pay wherever they go.
They will go where they deem the environment conducive to business and safe for its people. Blue cities are become less safe for people and more hostile to businesses by the day.
It’s as if leftists cannot be taught even by obvious and recent examples. Or they’re killing their cities intentionally.

Seattle’s Breakaway CHOP Now Also a Sexual Assault Crime Scene

Austin Protesters Storm Police HQ, Haul Down American, Texas Flags. They Also Burned Them.

Peace-loving vandals?

Video: A Japanese Artist, Activist, And Reporter Headed To The CHAZ Protest To Prove That Black Lives Matter In Seattle Was Peaceful. 15 Minutes Later He Left With A Black Eye.

Taro Osamu, a Japanese artist and activist, headed to the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in order to prove that the occupied community was “peaceful.” Things didn’t quite go as he planned
When he arrived, Osamu noted that there were multiple instances of gunshots and that “at least one boy died,” but hilariously maintained that it was otherwise a nice place.
Then tragedy struck! Osamu was attacked by a rioter on scene and beat to a pulp. Who could have seen that coming? Everyone that has been paying attention.
“I was beaten up in 15 minutes,” Osamu tweeted shortly thereafter. “I will go home for today.”
Unfortunately, Osamu didn’t seem to quite learn his lesson. The next day he was patched up and back out on the street, fighting the power with the same hooligans that left him in a bruised pulp.
One Twitter user commented on his video that other (American) reporters have also been attacked in the Seattle, and that the rioters might otherwise be peaceful if they weren’t “reacting” to the camera. Apparently, we’re to believe that these are some uncharacteristically violent Amish protesters who explode in sudden rage when filmed.

Osamu: “A black grandmother who is three times as heavy as me…”

Osamu has been zipping around the country attempting to seed Japan’s press with propaganda favoring the side of Antifa. He described President Trump as using dog whistles, commented that he was shocked that George Floyd wasn’t killed in “the ghetto”, and made one odd reference to the weight of a protester who was thanking him for his coverage:
“When asked, “Where did you come from?” he said, “It’s from Japan.” A black grandmother, who is three times as heavy as me, came up in tears and asked, “I want to thank you! But now I have COVID-19, can I shake hands?” It was “Of course,” I shook hands. It was a hard, rough, but warm, gentle hand. I somehow remembered what life she had lived. The warmth of this hand. I felt that I had an obligation to convey it to the world.”

A defiant Osamu returns! With A Picture Of A Smiling Black Man To “Prove” The Protests Weren’t Violent

Apparently getting bashed in the face isn’t enough to prove to a determined Japanese leftist reporter that these are not simply peaceful protests. Some people just can’t be saved.
Osamu returned to CHAZ and defiantly took a picture with a black man in order to prove that “this was not a violent protest.” His words, not ours.
The hilariously subtle racism of his own reporting will forever be lost on him.

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