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Wearing masks:Pro and Contra

In view of the following the debate about masks becomes important. If you refuse to wear a mask are you a selfish a..hole or are you trying to protect yourself.

I have taken representative examples from both sides of the argument whilst ignoring the propaganda that comes from mainstream sources


FACT CHECK: Natural News 

remains the most outspoken 

pro-mask independent news 

publisher, even as InfoWars 

and others have become 

strongly anti-mask

26 June, 2020

With all the misinformation and lies from mainstream media circulating around, it’s worth pointing out that Natural News remains nearly the only pro-mask independent news publisher in existence, where most of the other indy media publishers (at least those who are right-leaning) have become “anti-mask” in their editorial coverage.
The dishonest mainstream media, of course, lies about all this and claims that both myself and Natural News are telling people that masks don’t work. Quite the opposite is true. No independent media publisher has been more strongly pro-mask than Natural News, even when that position has gone against most of the indy media.
This just goes to show you how dishonest the left-wing media has become: They don’t even conduct any fact checking at all before smearing sites that lean to the right. Then again, no one has accused the corporate-run mainstream media of being interested in verified facts…
InfoWars is not only 100% anti-mask, they have been claiming since March — when I parted ways with them — that the coronavirus is a “hoax” and that all the deaths were being faked. The Gateway Pundit and other conservative indy media outlets have long claimed the coronavirus was “no worse than the flu,” and they tend to run stories that claim masks are bad or that masks don’t work.
I think that both InfoWars and The Gateway Pundit are wrong in their conclusions about masks. While I disagree with their assessment on masks and the severity of the virus, I strongly defend their right to speak, by the way. I’m not contributing to InfoWars any longer, and Alex and I strongly disagree on this topic of masks, but his voice is still very important, especially given the extreme assaults against humanity and human freedom that are now under way by the left-wing media, rioters and communist sympathizers.
Masks, in other words, are by no means the biggest issue we’re all facing. Communism is far more dangerous than any virus!
Here at Natural News, we have consistently claimed masks are effective at preventing the spread of the coronavirus. Why? Because we are solidly grounded in real science. In fact, I’ve posted no less than four podcasts that all urge Americans to wear masks (while condemning those who keep claiming masks don’t work).In fact, my position on wearing masks is so abundantly clear that in an interview I conducted with Dr. Judy Mikovitz of the Plandemic film, I openly told her that I disagree with her position on masks and that I advocate wearing masks:

In fact, my position on wearing masks is so abundantly clear that in an interview I conducted with Dr. Judy Mikovitz of the Plandemic film, I openly told her that I disagree with her position on masks and that I advocate wearing masks:

Arguably, nobody in the independent media has been more pro-mask than Natural News. Yet we are routinely described as “anti-mask,” when the exact opposite is true. This is likely because we promote the Plandemic film in the interests of free speech, even though we don’t agree with every assertion found in the film.

The left-wing media, you see, has no understanding of the concept of free speech. They are so anti-free speech that they demand absolute obedience and conformity with all their own radical left-wing views. They can’t imagine lending any speech opportunities to someone with whom they disagree, so they wrongly conclude that Natural News sharing the Plandemic documentary means we endorse every claim found in the documentary (which we don’t). The idea of open debate is alien to Leftists, which is why they can’t imagine anyone supporting speech with which they disagree.

Similarly, I still support the speech of InfoWars, The Gateway Pundit, etc., even if I disagree with their conclusions. InfoWars has gone so deep into the anti-mask slant on all this that they now run scary-sounding anti-mask headlines like this: “SadoMASKism – The love of fear and pain.” You have to chuckle at the word play:

The conclusion among InfoWars hosts like David Knight and Alex Jones is that masks kill people and deprive the body of oxygen. Such claims have no basis in medical reality, but they make for very entertaining coverage. I disagree with all of them on the issue of masks, of course, but I agree with their overall concern that we are being lied to by government authorities about so many topics that it’s difficult for anyone to navigate through all the deception and flip-flopping by the CDC, WHO, Surgeon General, Dr. Fauci, etc., all of whom have reversed their positions on masks more than once.

But for those who care about accuracy and truth, Natural News is a pro-mask publisher. Specifically:

We agree that masks work and should be strongly encouraged (but not mandated) in shared indoor environments such as public transportation and workplaces.

We do NOT believe that individuals should wear masks when they are by themselves, at home or exercising in the park, for example.
We understand that masks may not be appropriate for those who suffer from respiratory distress and already have trouble breathing.

On otherwise healthy individuals, masks do trap the airborne spit that’s produced by people when they speak, thus masks help reduce airborne coronavirus particles when they are work by people who are currently infectious.
Masks work when work by surgeons too, as they help prevent the spread of germs from the surgeon to the patient. That’s why surgeons wear masks, obviously.

Anyone claiming that masks somehow reduce blood oxygen levels in normal, healthy people is simply not talking from a place of informed facts. Masks don’t reduce blood oxygen levels, and they don’t poison the body with CO2.
Way beyond the mask: Mainstream media is anti-nutrition

Finally, we wonder why the mask-pushing hysteria of the corporate-run media completely ignores the role of nutrition (zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, elderberry, etc.) Because the bigger truth in all this is that the mainstream media is anti-nutrition. And that’s far more dangerous than being anti-mask.

So if you’re looking for news publishers to blame in all this, blame the lying left-wing media for blacklisting any mention of nutrition, for attacking hydroxychloroquine and for pushing weaponized lockdowns and vaccine mandates that will probably end up killing more people than the pandemic itself.

Make no mistake: The mainstream media lies with malicious intent. They are “bad faith” actors who work for Big Pharma and the globalists. The independent media, on the other hand, may differ in various conclusions but at least every independent media outlet is pro-human and pro-liberty (and most are pro-Trump).

That’s the real story here: The coronavirus is dangerous, but a deceptive, dishonest fake news media establishment is far more dangerous to humanity than any infectious disease. The media, after all, is whipping up racism, violence and terrorism. They pushed fake news conspiracy theories to try to overthrow the President of the United States of America. They routinely lie about everything under the sun, and they absolutely seek to destroy the U.S. economy and obliterate this nation.

The mainstream media is the true enemy of the people, and they are cheering the economic destruction that was caused by this virus and the subsequent lockdowns. They genuinely hope to see America destroyed. And that’s sick. 

That shows the true darkness in their hearts and the evil nature of their twisted souls.

Mask or no mask, it’s time that We the People defeated the real enemy in our midst: The lying left-wing media that seeks the total destruction of human freedom


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