Wednesday 24 June 2020

Who is flying into New Zealand

We are a mobile population normally so this question matters. There is a suspision that we are not being told the entire truth.

Flights into and out of New 

Zealand – what is the 


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I have done an exercise using my VPN to see what happens when I try to book a flight in or out of New Zealand.

The picture that we are fed by government and media is the only flights coming into the country are carrying New Zealanders returning home from overseas.

These are the published regulations

The Customs website makes no mention of covid-19 o restrictions.

I checked the flights coming INTO New Zealand and these are the scheduled flights into Auckland airport.

See how many are coming in from Hong Kong and Shanghai. WHO IS COMING INTO NEW ZEALAND?

 This is the message I get from the NZ-based Flight Centre. Clearly, New Zealanders are not going to any overseas destinations without dispensation.

As a New Zealander I am referred elsewhere



No seeming restrictions or problems according to this Singapore-based company

No problems (seemingly) from Hong Kong

This Australian Flight Centre mentions that people will be required to undergo quarantine but says nothing about only being returning New Zealanders.

I checked a New Zealand-based company for flights from Los Angeles to Auckland

And here is the result

So, what is the actual situation?

Whilst it seems overseas travel is off the agenda for New Zealanders the situation seems a little more murky. Clearly there are lots of flights coming into Auckland but how full are they and who is on them.

We know there are lots of foreigners (and I think of Chinese) who were given permanent residence by John Key's government. Just how many of them have second homes here but are normally resident in China which they may be fleeing with the possible onset of a "second wave" of covid-19 in China.

Everything is so opaque and the only information we can get routinely is NZ government PROPAGANDA. So, we may never get any closer to the truth than this.

My visceral reaction to a possible "second wave" with flights coming in with people who are being looked after by the NZ government while the broader New Zealand population having been essentially under house arrest for 6 weeks and still subject to restrictions.

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