Thursday 25 June 2020

News from Australia

The Victorian Government has called in the army to help cope with the overwhelming demand for COVID-19 testing, as the state fights to contain outbreaks in Melbourne suburbs.

And remember the panic buying from earlier in the pandemic? Well there's been a repeat of that too in those local government areas, with toilet paper being stripped from supermarket shelves amid fears of localised lockdowns.

Now anxious residents want the government to name specific suburbs, rather than just shires, where community transmission is focused.

Victoria has recorded 33 new coronavirus cases - marking the state's ninth consecutive day of double digit increases - and another death.  
Seven of those are in hotel quarantine, nine are from known outbreaks, six are from routine testing and 11 are still under investigation.

Premier Dan Andrews said numbers will continue to increase in the coming days as authorities test “entire suburbs” – listing ten suburbs that will be “blitzed” 

We will see these numbers go up in coming days,” he said. “That will be a measure of the work that we’re doing, a measure of the success of this strategy.

Those suburbs are Keilor Downs, Broadmeadows, Maidstone, Sunshine West, Albanvale, Hallam, Brunswick West, Reservoir, Pakenham, Fawkner.
More than 1000 ADF troops are being sent to Victoria to help with hotel quarantine and provide logistical support for testing.

Qantas has announced a drastic three-year plan to ensure the airline’s survival during the coronavirus crisis which includes a massive reduction in domestic flights as well as an indefinite grounding of its long haul service.

The strategy reveals travelling will continue to be significantly hampered for Australians – domestic travel will operate at nearly half its capacity from next month but overseas trips won’t return until the middle of next year.

Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce said the much-hyped “travel bubble” with New Zealand has progressed but access was unlikely until July 2021.

From Max Igan

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