Monday 22 June 2020

Syrian Girl: Black Lives Matter is a colour revolution

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Domestic terrorists Antifa receiving combat training with foreign Islamic terror groups (video)


Retired CIA Chief of Station banned youtube video exposing Antifa’s Combat Training with Foreign Terrorists
On October 9, 2019, RAIR Foundation USA released an interview with Retired CIA Chief of Station, Brad Johnson on the troubling developments concerning the violent communist group Antifa.
Retired CIA Station Chief, Bard Johnson revealed that Antifa is sending large numbers of its members to fight alongside the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), a communist Kurdish group to gain combat experience, and their subsequent disbursement across Europe and North America.
Yesterday when Mr. Johnson uploaded the interview to his YouTube channel, he received a notice from the company hours later stating it violated the social media company’s “community guidelines”:
This video was posted on YouTube on 6/8 and was immediately removed from YouTube for unspecified violation of community standards. It is now here for you to view without censorship.
Antifa has been investigated by the American intel community for quite some time. You’ll hear they are not an organization, however, this is a horizontal one – common interests in socialism, anti-capitalism and anarchy, as well a military combat training. Brad Johnson, former CIA Operative (25 years) and President of Americans for Intelligence Reform, gives you information you won’t hear in the mainstream media. We hope you find this two part series of great interest and you will share it with others. NOTE: This video depicts Antifa and other extremist groups at a meeting and in no way does AIR condone them or offer this video for anything other than educational material.

The video will not embed but can be seen at the link below:


For years there have been concerns that some Antifa members have joined the YPG, the Syrian affiliate of the PKK terror group, in Syria, where they received armed training under the watch of Obama administration.
I’m telling y’all. The left-wing #Antifa militants who had a chance to receive armed training from the #PKK terror group in Syria for years, pose much more danger than you think now.

Do you think they’re still in Syria? 
#riot #Minneapolis #protests2020
— Safvan Allahverdi (@s_Allahverdi)
May 31, 2020


Since 2014, hundreds of foreigners have travelled to northern Syria to join the ranks of the Marxist-Leninist YPG, which has relied on savvy PR machinery, utilising social media to find recruits. 

While the YPG has been endlessly eulogised in the Western media as American allies who fiercely fought Daesh terrorists, little is discussed of the group’s ideology, which doesn’t tolerate dissent or difference of opinion. 
With all respect Mr. President, while blaming Antifa and Radical Left in US, you know you are still spending millions dollars of US Tax Payers money to the same ones, Radical Left terrorists (PKK/YPG) and Antifa groups in Syria right?
— Ahmet Görmez (@ahmetgormez)
May 30, 2020
Behind the glorified images of YPG’s female terrorists are many men who once made up the cadres of the PKK, a terrorist group that has waged a decades-long teror campaign against the Turkish state.

The PKK is responsible for more than 40,000 deaths. Besides killing soldiers, it has bombed shopping malls, killed politicians and executed hundreds of Kurdish-speaking villagers who didn’t abide by the terror group’s radical views. 

Its jailed chief Abdullah Ocalan has evolved from being a Marxist-Leninist to someone who now adheres to what is called democratic confederalism with a dose of anarchism. 
— CüneytGüven (@gvn1071)
May 31, 2020
But the dark PKK-YPG history wasn’t a concern for young Americans and Europeans who joined its rank and file, for they were sold the idea of fighting bearded and brutal Daesh terrorists, a symbolic manifestation of evil.  
The westerners who joined the YPG were an odd group. They were leftists, anarchists, feminists and ecology buffs. They were ex-marines, former drug addicts, misfits, adrenaline junkies or just young people sucked up in the conflicting battles of Syria. 

Many of these volunteers travelled to Syria from American cities without any hindrance under the watch of Obama administration. Upon their return, they were hardly ever investigated. 

What does Antifa want with a bunch of seasoned combat veterans? Why do they need that to supplement their movement? It’s a very interesting question to what they were precisely upto,” Brad Johnson, a former CIA officer, said in an interview last year.

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