Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Canada Under Siege

MUST WATCH -- Brilliant

It is a runaway train. It will not stop, it cannot be stopped, until it runs off the tracks at full speed... right into Global Warming, Fukushima and failing reactors... and Infinite Growth.

This will be a mighty and thunderous crash. It will be overwhelming, brutal and completely unforgiving.

The shadow arrives.!

---Mike Ruppert

Canada Under Siege - Part 1 - The Tar Sands, Free Trade, & Government

Hidden in Conservative Govt Bill C-45 is a law that allows Corporations a free hand to destroy Canadian rivers and lakes which are the source of life, and our drinking water. AND when you add agreements free trade agreements like FIPPA which allows Chinese companies a free hand and not be held accountable, we have a very serious breach of Canadian sovereignty! 

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