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News fromAleppo - 11/03/2016

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Russia and Syria Warn Rebels/Terrorists: Leave Aleppo By Friday evening. Rebels Refuse!

3 November, 2016

Russia and the Syrian army on Wednesday told anti-government rebels in Aleppo to leave by Friday evening, signalling an extended moratorium on air strikes in the city.

The Russian Defense Ministry, which is helping forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad to retake full control of Aleppo, said rebels would be allowed to exit the city unharmed and with their weapons between 0900 and 1900 local time on Nov. 4 via two special corridors.

Civilians and the sick and wounded would be allowed to leave via six other corridors, it said.

The Syrian army released a similar statement later in the day calling on rebel fighters to cease fire and to “use this opportunity” to leave the city with their small arms.

Rebels rejected the calls, an official in an Aleppo-based insurgent group said.

This is completely out of the question. We will not give up the city of Aleppo to the Russians and we won’t surrender,” Zakaria Malahifji of the Fastaqim rebel group told Reuters.

He denied there were corridors guaranteeing safe passage and said civilians did not trust the government side.

President Vladimir Putin had ordered the pause in fighting “to avoid senseless victims”, Russia’s Defense Ministry said, adding that Syrian authorities would ensure its troops pulled back from the two corridors designated for rebels.

Russia and its Syrian allies say they halted air attacks on Aleppo on Oct 18. Western governments said the strikes had killed civilians in large numbers, an allegation Moscow denied.

Humanitarian pauses designed to allow both rebels and civilians to exit the city have been organised by Moscow and Damascus before, but have largely failed amid continued violence with both sides accusing the other of stopping people from leaving.

A Kremlin spokesman said on Tuesday the moratorium on air strikes was still in force, but could not be extended if rebels in the city did not halt their attacks.

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Wednesday that rebels inside Aleppo had taken heavy losses during fighting and were effectively trapped.

All attempts by the rebels to break through in Aleppo have failed,” the ministry said. “The terrorists have suffered heavy losses in lives, weapons and equipment. They have no chance to break out of the city.”

Russian Fleet Arrives

Two weeks ago, Russia dispatched its North Fleet from the Barents Sea and elements of its Baltic Fleet, to the Mediterranean off the coast of Syria. Those ships and submarines began arriving Wednesday and will be fully arrived by late Thursday.

The presence of the Russian fleet provides enormous firepower; far more than has previously been deployed to Syria. This firepower will make it possible for Russia and Syria to lay waste to Aleppo and all the rebels in it.

The "rebels" are backed by the US and NATO, both of which are operating inside Syria without permission, without a UN Security Council Resolution, without a Declaration of War and without any Authorization for the Use of Military Force from the US Congress. Everything being done there by the US and NATO is completely ILLEGAL.

But the US is committed to the ouster of Syrian President Bashar Assad, because Assad is standing in the way of a natural gas pipeline from the Persian Gulf nation of Qatar, traveling ultimately to Europe. This pipeline would lessen European dependence upon Russia for natural gas.

The question on everyone's mind is whether or not the US/NATO will openly side with the Rebels and actively oppose Russia and the Syrian Government? To do so would mean war with Russia . . . and not just in Syria.

Russia has made clear that if NATO enters the Syrian conflict by attacking the Syrian government, war will break out and "it will be war everywhere." Meaning in Europe and against the mainland of the United States.

This is a dangerous time for the world. One wrong move by any side could launch the world into a battle from which many of us would not survive.

RT crew comes under fire as Aleppo militants launch massive new assault (VIDEO)

RT’s Murad Gazdiev and his crew came under fire in Aleppo as militant groups holding the eastern part of the city launched a new assault on government-held western areas, trying to break the blockade, after rejecting an offer to leave the city with their arms.

The neighborhood “has been relatively quiet for the past two days and we wanted to see what was happening there,” RT’s Gazdiev reported from Aleppo. “There are still dozens of civilians there, not everyone managed to leave.”

We filmed many other civilians, dozens and dozens with children, some of the children, injured by this shelling trying to get out, sprinting in panic,” Gazdiev added, describing the shelling as “some of the heaviest” for a long time.

The rebels apparently launched a major new offensive against the government-held part of the city, radio communications intercepted by the Syrian military indicate.

There were apparently two or three suicide car bombs blown up very close to us. We hid. We saw many shells landing meters away from us,” Gazdiev said.

The Syrian Army helped the RT crew along with civilians being evacuated from the area.

Although the number of casualties and wounded has not been revealed, RT’s crew was informed that many civilians, including children, were being treated at hospitals for shrapnel and mortar wounds in the aftermath of the attack.

When we got out of there [the Al-Assad neighborhood], we got a call that there were casualties at the hospitals, we went there, we filmed many, many people at the hospital… the children, the adults – all with shrapnel injuries, mortar round injuries,” Gazdiev said.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Russian military said that last week’s attempts by the militants to break through the blockade around the city had failed, and suggested that they leave Aleppo through one of two corridors opened for that purpose.

Russia and Syria halted airstrikes on eastern Aleppo two weeks ago amid a flurry of criticism from the West over civilian casualties in the city. Moscow said civilians were being held by the militants as human shields, but agreed to keep warplanes away from the city.

The offer to leave Aleppo by Friday night was rejected by some groups controlling the eastern part of the city.

Russia’s earlier attempts to allow militants to leave and civilians to be evacuated from eastern Aleppo were thwarted by the more belligerent groups, which opened fire at anyone trying to use the corridors – both those meant for armed people and unarmed civilians.

From the Guardian

Moscow says evacuation corridors are in place ahead of expected bombardment of east of Syrian city but rebels plan to stay

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