Thursday 11 March 2021

Kremlin ‘alarmed’ by reports US considering cyberattack against Russia, as official government websites suddenly taken offline

Yesterday, Tru News reported on the following.

Today on TruNews, we discuss the Biden administration’s pledge to attack Vladimir Putin for inspiring the Chinese to attack America’s critical infrastructure.

We also detail the upcoming and secretive high-level meeting in Anchorage, Alaska between China’s top diplomats and Obama’s deep state puppets.

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart, Edward Szall. Airdate 03/09/2021

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Today, Hal Turner is reporting the following.

This is urgent and serious but I have no energy to look further right now.

How do you think the Russians are going to react 

Massive Cyber-Attack Hits Russia; U.S.A. Suspected

Hal Turner,

10 March, 2021

Russia has announced it is being hit with what they call a "massive" cyber-attack.  

The websites of the, Roskomnadzor, and the Russian government, have gone down following the announcement.

It comes after reports the US was preparing a retaliation cyber attack against Russia. White House officials told the New York Times that the first major move is expected over the next three weeks and that the Government was planning a ‘series of clandestine actions across Russian networks’.

Sources said the actions would be less evident to outsiders but would send a clear signal to President Vladimir V. Putin and his officials. They added that cyber attacks could be combined with more economic sanctions. President Joe Biden is also expected to sign an executive order to strengthen government networks to crack down on the escalating cyberconflict.

Russia’s state communications watchdog Roskomnadzor said on Wednesday it was restricting the use of Twitter by slowing down its speed.

Official web sites of the Russian President, Duma, Federation Council, others, are paralyzed.

Is this execution of the threat recently issued via the New York Times?

But the Times talked about something that would be invisible to outsiders.

Major development anyway.

This is the NY Times article

Russian officials have demanded Washington categorically rule out acts of cyberterrorism against the country, after Western media reported the US was mulling digital “retaliation” for a colossal hacker attack it blames on Moscow.

On Sunday, The New York Times claimed that President Joe Biden’s government was considering tough new actions over the SolarWinds scandal, which came to light last year. American state networks were penetrated by hackers as part of that breach, which the US blames on Russia.

Despite official denials from the Kremlin, the White House is reportedly planning a fiery response. “The first major move is expected over the next three weeks,” officials told the Times, “with a series of clandestine actions across Russian networks that are intended to be evident to President Vladimir Putin and his intelligence services and military but not to the wider world.”

On Tuesday, Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said that “the fact that the newspaper doesn’t rule out that the American state could be involved in cybercrime, is definitely of great concern to us.”

Peskov added that "the Russian state has never had anything to do with the cybercrimes and cyberterrorism it is being accused of."

On Wednesday, a number of commenters and journalists speculated that US hackers had begun a campaign against the country, after a series of official websites were taken offline. The homepages of the Kremlin, the national parliament and the country’s media regulator were all hit by the outage.

However, Rostelecom, the agency responsible for maintaining internet access in the country, said that the problem was actually down to a technical error. “There was a malfunction of equipment,” it announced. “The problem is localized.” The sites appeared to function normally shortly afterwards.

Earlier on Wednesday, Russia’s media regulator announced it had begun slowing down the speed of US social media giant Twitter for users in the country. Roskomnadzor announced that this was because the company “does not remove content that incites minors to commit suicide, contains child pornography or information about the use of drugs.”


Twitter users in Russia are about to find it takes longer to share their thoughts online, as authorities start slowing the service's connection speeds amid a row over illegal content hosted by the US-based social media giant.

Communications regulator Roskomnadzor issued a statement on Wednesday morning announcing the decision, which it says is because Twitter “does not remove content that incites minors to commit suicide, contains child pornography or information about the use of drugs.”

The watchdog claims it has sent more than 28,000 requests for posts, links and publications to be deleted or blocked on the platform. However, at present, “3,168 pieces of content containing prohibited information… remain not deleted.” These reportedly include more than 2,500 calls for children to kill themselves and 450 involving child pornography.

In my opinion, you'd have to be some sort of sick liberal to disagree with him.

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