Saturday 6 March 2021

Ukraine pledges to sabotage Russian efforts to avert humanitarian crisis In Crimea amid water shortages

Chaos in Ukraine Making ‘Epic Comeback’ With Blessing of New Biden Administration

5 March, 2021

New government crackdowns on opposition in Ukraine include banning of websites and television networks. Chaos is making an epic comeback with “the full backing of the bastion of Democracy – Washington.”

SouthFront reports…

In Ukraine, the situation is slowly, but surely, falling into even a deeper abyss, full of violence and corruption – in the name of democracy for sure.

Joe Biden entered the White House, a true Ukrainian friend, who is prepared to support Kiev to the ends of the Earth. Especially after the investigations into him and his son Hunter Biden over stealing billions faded into obscurity.

As such, the internal situation in Ukraine is worrisome for even the most disillusion observer.

It all started with the shutting down of opposition TV channels and immediately moved to attacks on the largest and most popular opposition party – “Opposition Platform – For Life!”. Opposition leaders were then sanctioned, for being “Putin agents”, and many of its members were openly censored and persecuted. Then it came down to censoring and persecuted another well-known opposition figure – Anatoly Shariy, and his party.

Websites were pulled down, accounts were banned, cases were opened against those against President Volodymyr Zelensky and his “Servant of the People” party.

Crumbling power is being consolidated by the small clique of Nazi apologists and foreign puppets, which in the current format appears to be represented by President-Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky. Any resistance is being snuffed out. This is how democracy works in Ukraine, and it has the full backing of the bastion of Democracy – Washington.

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One of the reservoirs in the Crimean capital of Simferopol is almost running dry as the Black Sea peninsula's water crisis continues to worsen. As things stand, many parts of the region have introduced rationing.

Crimea has suffered from water shortages since 2014, when the Ukrainian government built a dam on a canal that had previously provided around 85 percent of the area's water. The infrastructure was constructed when Moscow and Kiev were both part of the Soviet Union.

Since the blockade, Russia has repeatedly accused Ukraine of human rights violations, and has criticized international organizations for remaining silent on the matter.

“The reserves of water in the Simferopol reservoir are almost depleted,” said Vladimir Bazhenov, the head of Crimean Water, calling the inflow “infinitesimal.”

ALSO ON RT.COMYalta restricts water to just six hours a day as Ukraine’s supply blockade takes its toll on Crimea


Russian officials have hit back at Ukraine after Kiev revealed plans to hinder Crimea’s attempts to avert a humanitarian crisis due to a lack of water. Many local residents have been affected by restrictions.

In many parts of the peninsula, water is issuing from taps for only six hours a day. Crimea has experienced water shortages since 2014, when the Ukrainian government built a dam on a canal that had previously provided around 85 percent of the area’s water. The canal was constructed by Moscow, when Russia and Ukraine were both part of a union state.

Since the blockade, Russia has repeatedly accused Kiev of human rights violations. However, Western nations have remained remarkably silent on the matter, as have non-governmental organizations concerned with human rights.

In order to tackle the water shortage, the Crimean authorities have committed to building a desalination plant from next month, with the possibility of constructing more in the future. On Thursday, Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmitry Kuleba revealed Kiev would step in to prevent Russia from alleviating the problem.

“In Crimea, they said that they are trying to attract a large international company to implement desalination technology,” Kuleba said. “[After the announcement] we immediately started work … and we will prevent it from implementing this project."


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