Tuesday 16 March 2021

Moving to safety

 Update on my new blog

I have been trying, to no avail get my archive uploaded onto my new site, seemorerocks.is.

Everything was subject to failure, including downloading FTP file transfer apps (Dropbox and Firezilla).

In desperation, I approached the good folks in Iceland and they helpfully suggested that if they could have access to the backroom of my blog they could do it for me.

But, Big Brother was watching and would not allow me to have control of my material (they own it!).

I kept getting messages like that and we had to recognise we could not get around Google.

I gave the whole matter some reflection and decided on a course of action. 

I have spent the whole of today transferring what I consider to be the most important material over to the new blog -mostly material relating to covid-19 and the vaccine- this is what I regard as the most important and do not want to lose.

If Google were to destroy my 10-years work overnight at least part of what I have created is safe.

At the moment, it is all looking pretty rough-and-ready and already there are some features that should help people to find material.  But, generally it is looking a bit like a dog's breakfast and I have left videos produced by Brighteon, Bitchute and BrandNewTube as links to save time.

Hopefully, I will have a little time to make It look a little better.

I will give it a few days, see if I might have a local solution for importing my archive (I am not holding my breath) and see if I can find someone local to help me make the site more serviceable or with a little bit of clarity of mind, do something myself.

At some stage,perhaps by the weekend, I shall put an automatic transfer from Blogger over to the new site.

If I do not succeed in bringing the material over I will leave that in place for a period, say a month, and then remove it, leaving the old site as an archive.

In the meantime, do go over and have a look at the site - 

I would appreciate any assistance, advice or positive feedback (criticism less so - I am doing my best under circumstances where nothing is happening as it should - -certainly as described on You Tube videos!)

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