Saturday 13 March 2021

Fascism in America - news of Judy Mikovits

Judy Mikovits arrested for wearing the “wrong” mask


I have no words!  Our good Friend Dr. Judy Mikovits was targeted and arrested yesterday over the type of mask she was wearing!!!!

Judy has a colloidal silver mask that prevents from bacteria forming in it that she wears to travel only. She has worn it 3x to travel now... this time it was apparently an issue!!  You can see my texts with her below. 

Share this info far and wide. Today it’s a mask and tomorrow it will be about a vaxx. When are people going to see this isn’t about a freakin mask already!!!!???


  1. Personal metal protection is needed for everyone against these criminals.

  2. She needs to get a lawyer and sue the airline and the person that hurt her arm

  3. My heart goes out to Judy. Best wishes to her. She is a wonderful lady.


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