Thursday 18 March 2021

My new blogsite is taking shape

 New blog at

I have been working all day with material I have brought in from my last 3 months (with an emphasis on the covid/vaccination crisis).  This has involved restoring videos from non-standard video sites like Brighteon or BItchute by using embed codes within the Classic editor, something that does not seem possible in Gutenberg.

I have also found a basic theme that is to my liking. It is fairly plain (even sparse) and I have given emphasis on giving people the best chance of finding material through

  • A search engine
  • Metatags 
  • Broad categories for searching
I want to develop some pages with important articles that are easy to find as well as some major items from previous years.

I have gone hot-and-cold on trying to import my large 10-year archive from Blogger.  I have had my fill of dealing with technical stuff that I am ill-equipped to deal with.  As it happens no body has returned calls regarding this so I have done the basic work myself if it means that the older material looks quite untidy.

At least it is there.

So, my attention if I can manage it myself is to install a redirection plugin that will redirect you to the new site.

That will mean that my old archive will remain unavailable until I remove it after people have got used to finding me at

There is a lot of very pressing and unsettling information,  especially with the latest revelations from Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche.

I am going away for a day-or so over the weekend for a much-needed rest, but no doubtI will be thinking about how I can process this information. 

At the moment it seems that this is another layer on top of (and somewhat seperate) from what we know about the vaccines (especially the mRNA ones) but there is a dire danger from using any vaccines which replace innate immunity that deals with most invaders with specific acquired immunity from a vaccine delivered during a pandemic (the Second or is it the Third Wave?), while people are being exposed to a high viral load. This has a danger of the vaccines teaching the virus to mutate and completely destroying people's natural immunity allowing vaccinated people to become carriers of what vanden Bosche himself has described as a bioweapon.

It seems to me that the timescale will be dependent on the scale and speed of mass vaccination campaigns. In addition we have to take into account what the vaccines have in them and what they may do ('Human 2.0).

I hope you will take the time to look at the material (which I will emphasise on the new blog) to get a grasp of what is at stake. The language of Mr vanden Bossche is quite difficult to grasp and requires others to unpack it for the layperson.

Anyway, expect some major changes in the blog.In the meantime I hope you will go over and have a look.

P.S.I have discovered a few unpleasant truths about the new system of Wordpress Gutenberg that fit in with the new era of censorship. In the latest version it is nice and easy to use but you cannot use an embed code to post videos.Instead you enter the URL of the video you want to embed - but that only recognise 'standard' formats such as You Tube or Vimeo and not 'non-standard' free speech platforms such as Brighteon or Bitchute. Similarly certain sites (such as Fort Russ, are blocked).

In the meantime I can use a Classic Editor plugin but for how long?

Welcome to the age of techno-fascism.

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