Monday 8 March 2021

News round-up - 7 March, 2021


High-ranking Russian military leaders are on the record saying that there is no way for their military to determine if an incoming ballistic missile is in fact fitted with a nuclear or conventional warhead.

Last week Russian military leaders told the nation's official military newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda (Red Star) that any ballistic missile launched at its territory would be perceived as a nuclear attack and that Russia would retaliate in kind with nuclear weapons. 

Two senior officers of the Russian military's General Staff, Major General Andrei Sterlin and Colonel Alexander Khryapin, told the Russian military newspaper that there is no way for their military to determine if an incoming ballistic missile is in fact fitted with a nuclear or conventional warhead. As a result, the decision has been made to see all incoming missiles as nuclear and to consider them to be the beginning of a nuclear strike.

"Any attacking missile will be perceived as carrying a nuclear warhead," the Krasnaya Zvezda article reported. "The information about the missile launch will be automatically relayed to the Russian military-political leadership, which will determine the scope of retaliatory action by nuclear forces depending on the evolving situation."

The contrast below between the security on the southern border and military presence in Washington, D.C., tells you all you need to know about today’s Democratic Party in charge.

While a migrant crisis mounts on the southern border, aided by President Joe Biden’s day-one executive order bringing a halt to construction of the border wall, Washington politicians have surrounded themselves with miles of fencing to provide protection not afforded to the American people.

An estimated 25,000 troops descended on Washington in the immediate aftermath of the Capitol riots in early January, bringing more armed military forces to lock down the capital city than remain in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. As of this month, 6,000 troops remain an occupying force, supported by fencing around the Capitol that still stands at the order of Democratic politicians hellbent on exploiting the eruption of political violence at the start of the new year.

Meanwhile, no such security measures were offered to the business owners down the street when their livelihoods were blown up repeatedly in the name of social justice during the summer Black Lives Matter riots.

The Democrats and their allies in a complicit media either endorsed, downplayed, or ignored the repeated outbreaks of widespread political violence that gripped the nation’s cities all last year before then capitalizing on the January riot that targeted Congress this year, which was roundly condemned by Republicans and conservatives alike. Some are still whitewashing the wave of deadly left-wing extremism that terrorized cities for months, claiming there was no violence. The property damage in major cities left by just two weeks of the George Floyd riots, however, was 66 times more devastating than the estimated destruction in the Capitol.

The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence, or NCSAI, issued a report on Monday, March 1, 2021, which offers a stark warning to the leadership of the United States. According to the thorough 756-page report, China could likely soon replace the U.S. as the world’s leader in artificial intelligence, or AI, and that shift will have significant ramifications for the U.S. military at home and abroad. The full text of the report is listed on the NCSAI website.

Joe Biden Makes History!

** Joe Biden is now the first US President in 100 years NOT to hold a press conference in his first 30 days in office.
He can’t.

** Joe Biden is the first US President NOT to hold a State of the Union Address or Joint Session of Congress Address in almost 100 years.

** And Joe Biden is the first US President to COMPLETELY OPEN the US Southern border to illegal aliens, even sick ones, during a pandemic.

And that is just his 40 days in office!

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced the deployment of the state’s National Guard and State Troopers to respond to the growing border crisis.

Governor Abbott announced Operation Lone Star “to combat the smuggling of people and drugs into Texas” on Saturday. The operation will integrate the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) with the National Guard, Abbott said. He is ordering the deployment of air, ground, marine, and tactical border security assets to high threat areas.

“The crisis at our southern border continues to escalate because of Biden Administration policies that refuse to secure the border and invite illegal immigration,” the governor said in a written statement Saturday evening. “Texas supports legal immigration but will not be an accomplice to the open border policies that cause, rather than prevent, a humanitarian crisis in our state and endanger the lives of Texans. We will surge the resources and law enforcement personnel needed to confront this crisis.”

The Epoch Times has reached out to the Department of Defense regarding the post’s claims.

The Telegram channel post also claimed that terror factions associated with Iran are growing ever stronger and gaining more support, while it called on U.S. forces to withdraw from not only Iraq, but the Middle East entirely.

The group also appeared to threaten Israel, referring to it as the “Zionist enemy,” saying “I will summarize for you in words only the horror of the south, which is stronger than before, and we have thousands of men like Imad Mughniyeh.” Mughniyeh is believed to have been the Iran-aligned Hezbollah chief of staff in Lebanon.

“Do not think that you and the Americans, by killing Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, will survive the torment of the resistance,” the post added, referring to the Iranian commander and the Iraqi militia commander who were killed in an airstrike last year. “We lie in wait for you evil (sic) and the next thing is worse.”

Last week, President Joe Biden warned that Iran cannot act with impunity and warned the state to “be careful” when asked what message he was sending the country with the U.S. airstrikes in Syria.

“You can’t act with impunity. Be careful,” Biden told reporters in Texas.

The United States carried out airstrikes authorized by Biden against facilities belonging to Iranian-backed militia in eastern Syria on Thursday, in response to rocket attacks against U.S. targets in Iraq.

Tehran has denied being behind recent attacks, whether those in Iraq, against shipping in the Gulf, or on Saudi installations by Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthis.

On Wednesday, rockets were again fired at an Iraqi base that holds U.S. troops, according to U.S. and Iraqi officials. The Pentagon stated the missile defense system at the Al Asad airbase “engaged in defense of our forces” before adding: “We extend our deepest condolences to the loved ones of the individual who died.”

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