Monday 15 March 2021

My new blog site is up but not running

 From one shaky country to another.. a progress report

The last days have been a roller coaster. 

There has been so much on my mind, not least the information that the vaccines may be teaching SARS-covid-2 to mutate and threaten the vaccinated and non-vaccinated alike.

I have been dealing with a recurrence of my auto-immune condition on top of what I experience every day of my life.

In the midst of that I have been making slow, laborious progress with my new site,

After a disastrous experience with Bluehost and an equally difficult experience with local providers I found Orange Website in Iceland who market themselves as a free-speech provider.

It has, truth to be told, no less a difficult process and I have spent many difficult hours with the folk in Iceland to get my site up. 

Baby steps.

Throughout the support people at Orange Website have been wonderful.

I have never ever come across people who are more helpful, courteous and transparent in dealing with people in the digital world.  They really do go out of their way to help and make things intelligible for a non-geek.

In the end they took over and made sure, from their end, that my little blog makes it.

Well, is up.  

There is nothing much on it other than bits-and-pieces where I have been experimenting. I am taking my time, getting used to it all.

The last hurdle will be to bring my archive of material from this blog.

Once that is achieved I believe that my work will be safe.

You may wake up one day soon and find that this blog is automatically redirected to the new site.

I hope that will be soon.

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