Saturday 6 March 2021

More on the horror in Israel

 I posted this yesterday and have been working with Reinette Senum to try and track this person down.  I think I have a partial answer as she made reference to a political party in her plea.

This message is getting some traction but still not going viral as it should be.

Israel Covid Horror situation Ilana Rachel

The nation of Israel is at this moment engaged in a historic and decisive juncture that will determine the trajectory of this people now and for the foreseeable future. It is an undertaking that cannot be overstated.

As is now widely publicized, revealed initially by former PM Ehud Barak [1] and then Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself [2], a deal has been made. In Israel, Pfizer has found a home for its experimental pilot program of expansive human trials. According to Barak, Pfizer has chosen our country for its decades of meticulously recorded medical and vaccination records, which allow it to explain adverse reactions to its product by pointing to previously existing conditions within the patient.

In effect, Bibi has signed up his people, all seven million citizens aged 12 years and over [3], without our informed consent, to become the first country in its entirety to do human testing on a technology which has been, for many decades, attempted and failed in the laboratory. Thus far, the pilot study is moving at truly astonishing speed; some two million people have already been injected under a program that runs daily from early morning until late night, even on Shabbat. [4]

Ilana Rachel Daniel from the Rappe (רפא) Party

Ilana Rachel Daniel from the Rappe (רפא) Party from chava dagan on Vimeo.

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