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Rapidly moving events in Korea go under media radar in West

FLASH: North Korea Moving Military Assets into OFFENSIVE Positions; Artillery at DMZ moving to "Combat Posture"

Combat Posture"

12 April, 2017

UPDATED 9:48 PM EDT (See Bottom) North Korea has begun moving military assets into OFFENSIVE positions, including heavy trucks moving nukes across the country despite Chinese President Xi Jinping calling President Trump this morning, urging 'peaceful resolution of Korean issues." 

NHK in Japan is confirming via live broadcast that "heavy trucks are moving __strategic assets__ across North Korea."  The term "strategic assets" means nuclear bombs.
Military analysts now tell SuperStation95 they believe North Korea is going to make a "First Strike" because it is the only option they have left.

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This is a developing story as of 8:30 AM EDT on April 12, 2017.  Please check back for updates . . .


Civilians seem to understand the severity of the events taking place over the past week or so; there is now a "mad dash" to LEAVE Seoul, the Capital of South Korea.  FlightRadar24 shows the mayhem:

More updates to follow . . . . 

 UPDATE 9:06 AM EDT --

SuperStation95 has reached out to all our contacts in the Pentagon, State department and the Intelligence Community to get assessments of the present situation.  One source put it this way:

The dynamics of previous US administration geopolitics:

"We really don't want a war so please lets all talk, all military options are off the table."

The dynamics of the Trump administration geopolitics:

"We are going to smash you to pieces, but if you want to settle this peacefully it's on our terms, and you better do it quickly or we are going to smash you to pieces, and in case you are not sure - WE ARE GOING TO SMASH YOU TO PIECES ."

Which one do you think gets the most respect from the opposition!


 UPDATE 9:20 AM EDT --

A U.S. aircraft that specializes in detecting radioactive debris after the detonation of a nuclear device has arrived on Okinawa, Japan, amid rising tensions on the Korean peninsula.
An Air Force WC-135 Constant Phoenix — commonly referred to as a nuke-sniffer — arrived at Kadena Air Base.
A spokesperson for the Air Force’s 18th Wing at Kadena did not immediately respond to requests for comment, and Japan’s Ministry of Defense would not immediately verify the report.

UPDATE 12:20 PM EDT --

China has now officially notified ALL of its military districts to "be prepared to move to the border of North Korea."
Chinese media is telling their public that the Korean peninsula is "closer to war than at any time since 2006."
At a Press Conference in Japan today, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Kan made clear the Japanese Government is keeping close ties with the United States and South Korea in connection with the fact that the American Trump regime shows a posture not to exclude the use of force against North Korea.  He also made clear to Japanese nationals residing on the Korean peninsula that the Japan Government will evacuate Japanese nationals from South Korea if  necessary.

 UPDATE 2:53 PM EDT --

Foreign journalists inside North Korea have been told by the government their Thursday scheduled is Canceled, and instead, they must be "ready to go at 6:20 AM" when they will all be brought to a "Big Event."  They were also told "no cell phones."  
No word on what the "big event" may be but many experts believe North Korea intends to detonate another nuclear bomb as a test.  If that happens, it appears the United States will attack.

 UPDATE 3:34 PM EDT --

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang today urged both sides to lower the tension, warning that the situation has now become “very dangerous."


"SATELLITE images show “high levels” of activity at North Korea’s nuclear site.

The chilling images reveal “unusually high levels of activity” at Kim Jong-un’s Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site.

Experts say the images could mean a nuclear test is “imminent” as US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson calls for North Korea to destroy its nuclear arsenal."

 UPDATE 8:08 PM EDT --

South Korea army put on high alert condition as North Korea starts air-raid siren tests in PyongYang

NorthKorea has called on foreign citizens South Korea to consider evacuating “situation is inching close to a thermonuclear war”

China Deploying 150,000 Troops to its North Korea Border (pic below)


The USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier Strike Group is now "on-station" and ready for action in the western Pacific (read North Korea)

 UPDATE 9:48 PM EDT --
Foreign media inside N.Korea have been put on buses & their phones have been confiscated. They have been issued 'PRESS' armbands and told they are being taken to a "major event."  No further details about this "major event."
SPECULATION is that they are being brought to the area of the pending nuclear bomb test.  If that's true, their trip will take about 7.5 hours. The North Korea nuclear testing site is  656 km North East of Pyongyang, 121 km east of the Chinese border, and around 400 km south west of the Russian border.  See map below:

If it is true that the reporters are being taken to the nuclear test site some 8 hours away, we have decided to HALT updates to this article as of 10:00 PM EDT and will publish a new story as developments require.

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